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I know a lot of you have been waiting to see MY NIGHTMARE WEDDING

Discussion in 'Formal Portraits and Weddings' started by Debbie H, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. Debbie H

    Debbie H

    Aug 23, 2007
    The crazy day.

    Met the bride at the salon at 1:00p.m. I know the salon owner well she was running behind so in between taking pictures of the bride she asked me if I wanted to help, well I used to be a hairdresser and it was really getting late so I did the matron of owner's hair so any way that wasn't to bad compared to when we arrived at the place where the bride was getting married and also getting ready.
    Well I really felt sorry for her because Oh my gosh I was hoping to get some really amazing pictures of her but the room had old time pictures side by side in the whole room oh and they would not come off of the wall. There wasn't an empty space to take any good pictures at all, so I just made do. I wanted this fantastic picture of her dress well the only place we could hang it was in the bathroom so I'm going to try and hopefully think of something in PS to make that look better.
    Let me back up for a minute. From the moment we arrived people would not leave her alone they kept asking her questions and besides me trying to take some pictures and set a few up. OH, I would set up a shot and not only did I have a calvary of people with cameras taking pictures behind me "Including the other photographer" that had a point & shoot canon camera and used on camera flash through the whole night. I told her the night before that what my formals were going to be of the B&G well everywhere I went and every shot I took, I had about 10 people or more following me around including the other photographer. I told them they had to back up because when I would go to back up I would be running into someone the B&G and I were informed that I had 5 minutes to get these pictures that I was looking so forward into getting away from the ugly building that they got married in, sorry but it looked like the inside of a barn. So anyway they had the bride so stressed out, also including me it is a wonder that the pics I wanted so bad turned out at all. It was like this the whole night.The bride was so stressed she was in tears.
    Oh have to tell you this. Before the wedding started I was in place for the ceremony to start the other photographer/woman came over to me a said " Now you know you can't stay in the middle isle for the wedding don't you" well I just looked at her and, I and said yes I'm quite aware of that the only time that I'm going to be in the center isle is when I want to be in the center isle. Aren't I the funny one! Well she was backing up all over her self and said " Oh yes I'm not trying to tell you what to do". I politely said yes I know your not, so let's just get some good pictures and went to where I was going to be standing as the wedding started.
    I still caught myself being on the side lines just for what she said and by doing that I missed some wide shots that should have been taken:frown:. There is so much more but that is the highlights. So any way it was the most un-organized wedding that I had ever been too let alone try to shoot. Gosh I sound like a teenager telling this story. ANYWAY THEY LOVE THE PICTURES EVEN THOUGH I SEE A MILLION THINGS I COULD HAVE DONE BETTER!! DO I THINK THAT I WANT TO BE A WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER "NO"!! I WAS A 2ND SHOOTER AT A WEDDING LAST SATURDAY AND I WOULD MUCH RATHER DO THAT EVEN THOUGH IN THIS WEDDING I WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THE MAIN PHOTOGRAPHER. AS MOST OF YOU KNOW I TOLD THE COUPLE THAT I WAS NOT READY TO DO A WEDDING, BUT IT WAS EITHER ME OR OR PICTURES WITH A POINT & SHOOT, NOT THAT MINE ARE ANY BETTER. BELIEVE ME I'M NOT GIVING MYSELF A PAT ON THE BACK BY ANY MEANS.

    I'm not sure I really like my PS on this photo.

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    My daughter with the bride. They have known eachother since they were 5 years old.

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    Should have been down center isle:mad: 

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    Dad giving her a hug.

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    Should have been further back:mad:  but I had already been told I had 5 minutes to finish and I was fighting to back up from the whole group behind me.

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    They were having a hard time with a audience, so they just laughed.

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    Not sure I like the selective B&W

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    Her Dad shaking things up a little.

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    This PS effect came from my good friend Kurt on the Cafe.

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  2. I've been eagerly awaiting the photos from this wedding. All I see now are red x's!!!

    Help us out.
  3. Debbie H

    Debbie H

    Aug 23, 2007
    Well darn! I can see them. That has never happened to me. I wonder how I can fix it?
  4. Debbie,
    i see them fine
    you know what
    that story makes me sick
    but... these images do NOT.....
    they are, in fact, EXCELLENT

    you, my dear... are a great photographer
    this is the epitome of "making the best of a very bad situation."
    very well done
  5. Debbie H

    Debbie H

    Aug 23, 2007

    Oh Greg you have know idea what that means to me!! To tell you the truth I was scared to post any. Thank you so very much!! Debbie
  6. Perfect example to why I will not do a wedding.

    All in all you did well and I think they will be satisfied with the pics. I'm sure this was more of a learning experience for you than anything else. If you dont get paid a dime and they hate the pics, you'll know what boundaries to set next time... if there is a next time. You may be spent. :smile:
  7. These are great!

    My only nit-pik is image DSC_3300 (8th pic down), did you do any PP work to the tops of their heads, i.e. dodging? I can see brush tool lines or something just over their heads.

    And I agree with you, second shooter is so much better!
  8. DJVCuda


    Jun 13, 2008
    Atco, NJ
    I like them - Very nice work !
  9. We're the photographers, we're supposed to beat ourselves up over what we did wrong... just remember for next time and you'll be better for it. I'm always amazed that the customer seems to love what I think is not so good! :smile:

    As to your pictures, I think they are great!!! Esp. given some of the things you had to go through to get them! Exposures are all very nice, shots are sharp and colorful. I particularly like the shot of the two girls hugging, nice emotion. Also the one of the couple "smooching" and the one right after that. The glass shot is cool, I must get ahold of Kurt and learn how to do that! One little critique from me would be to dial down the flash just a little bit, if possible... the shots of the couple outside look a little overflashed, and also, you have some shadows behind them, even on the outdoor shots on the grass (I know it probably couldn't be helped on the ceremony shots.) Great job overall!!!
  10. Debbie,
    You did excellent with these! Especially under all that stress.
    I think you nailed it better than most would.
    This is why I don't do weddings anymore......:eek: 
  11. Beautiful couple. I think you did a fantastic job... especially given the circumstances. So, I saw some of the original saga, but was the P&S photog the main photographer? Oh yeah, something about the mom hiring her. Did she really use a P&S for the entire wedding?
  12. Dave


    Feb 7, 2007
    Suwanee, GA
    They all look good to me Debbie! I am impressed...that was a very stressful situation that you were put in.

    I am actually shooting my first wedding as the primary photographer in November...needless to say I am pretty scared. Thankfully it's for my friend/co-worker, and it's her and her fiancee's 2nd wedding, so I can relax and take my time, I hope!!!
  13. I've done Weddings,for about 30 years,and have seen most every kind of problem,so I know where you are coming from.I'm 61 now,and don't want to shoot another Wedding as long as I live.At best 99% of the People at the Wedding are Point&Shoot people that somehow know more than you.I don't seem to remember having everyone getting in my way when we shot film,it seems like a current problem, with Digital.Your shots are fine.We tend to worry about the technical side to much,a wedding is a very emotional time and the best shots usally are capturing the emotions.If you can handle the stress, you have a future in Wedding Photgraphy.
  14. bradNYC


    Mar 28, 2008
    Well I've been eagerly waiting too, and by golly, you did great!!! May I ask how many keepers you had?
  15. cleoent


    Dec 21, 2007
    San Jose, Ca
    I think you did a great job as well!

    The bride looks absolutely stunning!

  16. AntonioJV


    Aug 9, 2007
    Agree 100% EXCELLENT pictures for me too! Debbie, with all respect, you should be more confident in yourself. Your work is very good. I would like to point just a major improvemente in one or two images where tone skin looks a bit brown, at least in my monitor.
    Have a grate day!
  17. BarkisPhoto


    Jul 20, 2007
    New England
    Hi, Debbie -- you did a great job capturing the moment (in spite of the stress). Times like this can get pretty emotional, but it sounds like you "handled it like a pro!" Nice work...

    Best Regards,
  18. taat2d


    Sep 28, 2007
    Beautiful set!! My 2 favorites are the one of youe daughter with the bride. You really captured the emotion and love of 2 friends. And I LOVE the one of the bride in the champagne flute!!!!
  19. I think you did an excellent job. Don't be so hard on yourself. The bride is beautiful and it shows in your photos. Congratulations on a job well done.
  20. gnet158

    gnet158 Guest

    I didn’t read the essay at the top but if the client was happy then that’s all that matters. But these are pretty bad, but don’t let this unorganized wedding leave a bad taste in your mouth. Keep at it.
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