I know I would've LOVED to shoot that sports event!


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Mild adult content but very funny :)

Feb 21, 2005
Ottawa, Ontario
Shooting it would be fun.

Participating would be better. I've been in training for years for a number of events. Unfortunately, at times I became highly skilled in the solo disciplines.


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Are you, by any chance, Bubka in that video?
It seems your training paid off biiiig time :lol:
Jan 26, 2005
Marysville, WA
I just cannot believe......

that anyone would post such a thing as this. I'm off on a shoot, come back and find this? And I thought that getting away from DPReview would finally engender a place where folks could get together and discuss actual issues surrounding photography, and Nikon gear without.....

(SMACK, man, would somebody shut this guy up already :?: :?: :?: :?: )

Geeze, folks, sorry. I really don't have a clue as to who typed all of that garbage. Let me first say that only the Brits could have come up with these games, perhaps a variant on the Gaelic games? And I am absolutely sure that the judging in that second event was rigged. I mean, come on now, I won't believe it until I see a side view.....

I sure am glad I came to ask a serious question this evening, and this has sure made my day :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: .

Of course, the fact that I am a USC Trojan doesn't hurt at all..........

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