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I like the D2h better than my D70s(grin)

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR Forum' started by Jonathan, Sep 24, 2005.

  1. Jonathan


    Jun 11, 2005
    Southern Maine
    Well, now that I've got your attention, I'll explain. I just bought a used D2h and really never expected to like it that much. I thought, "gee only 4mp", it 'll never compare to my D70s. It sure does.

    I'd even say I like it better(image quality), does this make sense? I've heard horror stories about meter trouble, noise, etc., but I am very surprised at the image quality.

    Now, the problem. This was supposed to be a stop on the way to the D2X, but I am really not as sure as I was.

    The one thing for certain is when you get your hands on a pro camera body, it spoils you. The feature set is great, viewfinder, etc. What I bought as a second may well be my 1st.

    Has anyone else compared the two, and been really impressed with the D2h???

    Comments greatly appreciated.
  2. I haven't compared the two but will say that I love my D2H. That is until I try to do prints 16x20 or larger. The smaller files are so much easier to work with and faster to process with the D2H.
  3. papa85

    papa85 Guest

    Hi Jonathan, I'm glad you are impressed with your D2H :biggrin: , The more you use it the more you will like it, It will grow on you. Everything is where it should be. A friend of mine has a D70 and we shot a 5K run for the Rotary club. When we printed out the photos he said to me why are your photos so much better. ( Meaning Color and Sharpness) The D2H is also a speed demon. Easy and fast to work with. When you shoot sports how many photos do you sell larger then 8x10 anyway. Not that you can't print 16x20 . The D2H is a specialized camera, and that is fast shooting sports and that it does well. Of course that is only my opinion. :smile:
  4. Jonathan


    Jun 11, 2005
    Southern Maine
    Thanks for the great replies. I can't put the camera down. It's reassuring to know it's not just my opinion. It's really a great camera.

    Gordon, I've spent a long time(as you know) looking at your photos. I hope I can do as well.

    It's really impressive to get a 2 meg file that is so outstanding.

    Thanks again!!
  5. MikeG


    Apr 30, 2005
    SF Bay Area

  6. Congrats on your new acquisition.

    Playing the flip side: I had a D2H for a while and sold it and kept my D70. :eek:  ..... For me, the awesome speed/performance of the D2H didn't "outweigh" the downside of the large size and weight.

    If I could have the D2H "speed" in a D70 sized body I would be VERY happy.

  7. Jonathan


    Jun 11, 2005
    Southern Maine
    Thanks John...

    I feel the same way about the size of the camera, but it's just so responsive, and loaded with great features that for me, the weight is something I'm willing to get used to.

    How did you feel the two compared in terms of image quality???

  8. I think this depends on where you come from, i.e., what cameras you're used to using. Most if not all "pro" bodies have a certain heft to them which tend to feel good in the hands of those accustomed to using bodies like that. For me it provides a very solid, sturdy experience that translates in something I "trust" about my camera, if that makes any sense. Comparatively, the D70 feels too much like plastic and reminds one of a toy, if coming from the opposite direction. I've been into photography since days before digital, and the one thing I hated about new digital cameras for a long time was that they all felt like a toy to me when the first consumer grade digitals were coming out. If you're used to film cameras like the F100, the old FA, N90s, or cameras by Cannon and other manufacturers, that issue is probably what prompted a lot of photographers to keep using film in the beggining years. Either way, once you get used to the way it feels so solid and tends to balance the weight so perfectly with a good lens, you really begin to love it, with an attending confidence about your equipment.

    Another benefit is that a heavier camera that is nicely weighted goes a long way towards helping you to steady the camera by hand when taking slower shutter speeds or zooming in close.
  9. Jon

    I thought the image quality was more-less similar for static or slow moving targets. :biggrin: ..... When the action is hot the D2H has a much better chance of a good capture. That's my main grip with the D70. I did think the high ISO performance was better on the D70 but just marginally so.

    FWIW: I hope Nikon will have a 8+ FPS 'small format' body available someday. Wanting a small format body has nothing to do with pro-feel or experience. Just look at the F6! :wink: In the mean time the D2H/s is the best body in Nikons lineup if you want 8+ FPS.

    Good luck with your new camera
  10. The size weight thing vanishes with use. For me it did.
    I carried my camera and 3 extra lenses for a total of 28 hours over 3 days last week at a music fest and after a while it just becomes part of you.

    It was 108 degrees (!) in Austin Sunday afternoon and every little bit may matter to some but the D2h/x weigh is, what, 470 grams more than a D70. That's all of 1.08 pounds. Loose a poungd yourself and it's a wash. :rolleyes: 

    I handled my old D100 that a friend bought for the first time in 6 mos. I'd now miss the weight I think, now being used to the sturdy feel. I darn sure would miss the vertical grip not to mention all the way-better features.
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 1, 2005
  11. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    AWWWWWW so this explains all the sellin and swapin and such..
    I thought you had gone mad. Soooo now I seeeee....

    Gezzz I even highly recommended you.. Can you imagine.

    Goooooood for you...

  12. Jonathan


    Jun 11, 2005
    Southern Maine
    Gale, good to hear from you...

    Gale, you're on to me. I had to sell items that I didn't want to, but I absolutely love th D2h. Thanks for the thumbs up also!!

    I'm still amazed at what a 4mp camera can do.
  13. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Yeah Jonathan,

    If I could I think I would do the same thing..

    good going Friend. good to see you and glad to see you Happy :>)))

    You goooooooooooo..

    Yeah I think this is right for you.. You needed action capable if I remember correctly :>))

    wanna buy a 70-200 VR tc 1.7 tc...rofl
  14. Gale PLEASE PLEASE DO not tempt me! Jonathan already got all mY MONEY!
  15. Yep I have the D100 my father owns a D70/D100with vertical grip and I easily use the D2h all the time as my first camera :)  It is heavier to be sure and traipsing around at weddings with 5lbs of camera gear on one camera after you haven't eaten for 12 hrs starts to play with your mind. But anytime I am taking a shot where something is likely to move I would rather it be with the D2h :) 
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