I love my new toy: R1C1

Discussion in 'General flash photography, lighting, and technique' started by SamIAM, Aug 2, 2007.

  1. I picked up an used R1C1 kit in Sales forum.

    My arsenal of speedlights is much better now with addition of SU-800 (to my existing SB-600, SB-800). That means more flexibility in lighting experimentation.

    In R1C1 kit those two tiny SB-R200 complete with diffusers, gel etc. offer amazing creative possibilities. In addition to primary function of wireless macro lighting, are used for many other applications (... can be used as background light as well.) I can not be happier.:667:

    A quick test using my 105 VR:


    Wanted to share my excitement.

  2. That's great, Sam! I'm sure the su800 will open up all kinds of creative opportunities for you as it has for me. And those SB-R200s will be great for accent/hair lights! Enjoy :0).
  3. Thanks Uncle Frank. I get lots of inspirations from your experimentations and knowledge sharing posts. Unfortunately with an active 16 months old daughter, unable to find much time do experimentation.

    Kind regards,
  4. CAClark

    CAClark Guest

    I'm jealous, as such a flash setup is on my hit list, but I wondered something. Is the su800 unit required with the D200? Can the kit without the su800 be used just as effectively? I know you got yours used, so you saved money regardless... i'm just trying to workout which setup is best suited to the D200.

  5. You may work with those with D200 built in flash in commander mode I believe. But SU-800 is a big convenience . Simple interface.
  6. Leif


    Feb 12, 2006
    As SamIAM says, the SU800 is a convenience. That said, it isn't that hard to use the built-in flash to trigger the off camera flash units. To switch between the R1 (no SU800) and an on camera flash for fill lighting, you have to adjust the flash compensation and the flash mode, and switch between Commander and TTL mode for the built in flash.

    The D200 built-in flash can be used to control two groups of off camera flash units, whereas the SU800 can be used to control three groups.

    The SB-800 can also be used as a flash controller, though I do not know how ease of use compares to the SU800.
  7. Congrats Sam, this should be fun for you.
  8. Thank you Gordon. I blame you and Uncle Frank for this new gadget.

  9. Hehehe :373:
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