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I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change: Dress Rehearsal Shoot

Discussion in 'People' started by spalding12, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. as a lot of you know... i do the photography for my mom's theater group.
    they are performing a great show:
    I Love You, Your'e Perfect, Now Change

    i shot the dress reheasal last night
    new theater for them.... from the ground up
    testing lighting last night

    all D3
    24-70 and 70-200
    f/2.8 mostly
    1/60 minimum
    ISO 3200 max (most were up there, of course)

    halogen theater lights
    pink gels
    yellow gels
    blue gels
    good Lord, please help me... :eek: 
    a few to see:

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  2. thanks for looking, of course
  3. I especially love Nos 2,3,4, and 5. The others seem a bit hot to me, but still very good considering your conditions. Makes the D3 look great!!
  4. thanks, terri
    i sat for 3 hours with cs2 for the 164 pictures
    i didn't do a great job at midnight last night
    i appreciate the look

    they were hot
    auto wb
    shot .jpg... no time to deal with RAW for this 'I did my mom a favor' shoot

    i was shocked as to the light problems

    thanks for your kind words
  5. Phillip Ino

    Phillip Ino

    Nov 26, 2007
    All them dang lights would have thrown me off too. I really like the way the second and third shots turned out, but especially the second. Thanks for sharing, Greg.
  6. ah.....
    do you know how much i was thinking of YOU last night...
    it was HORRIBLE

    new theater
    8' ceilings/poor theater group... in office complex
    stage was 5 feet in front of the seats... 8" off the ground
    what a poor setup in every way

    i'll do the 3200 thing next time
    i was nauseous while shooting these

    here's the link to the whole set:


    thanks for taking the time to look and comment
  7. you are very kind
    i really appreciate you taking the time to look and comment

    this lighting even had my D3 confused
    of course... as usual, there was plenty of OPERATOR ERROR involved, as well.... :redface:
  8. cleoent


    Dec 21, 2007
    San Jose, Ca
    dang, i can only think how much better these pics would have been with your 400 2.8. I mean you could have seen up their noses into their brains.

    That right there is how you sell your mom, who in turn sells your wife on the 400 :smile:

    You're welcome!

    On a serious note, i think the shots are fantastic, and the fact that most are iso 3200 is unreal.
  9. I suppose this was all the better you could do under the circumstances... :wink: Just kidding! I think these look good. I continue to be amazed at the high ISO IQ of the D3, and it's really pushing me in the direction of the D700 over the D300, little as I can afford either one. The cast looks like it's a real HOOT! :smile:
  10. my parents have been in the theater since before my birth
    lighting was always my favorite thing as a kid... though, i DID act for some time years ago

    i wish i could be there to help you
    it would be an honor to work along side of you
  11. Leo,
    how kind of you to say...
    ah, the 400/2.8
    now THAT would have scared these talented folks.. :smile:
  12. thanks, shaun
    almost every "word" is sung
    they had wonderful voices
    i really didn't know any of these talented folks

    not fun to shoot... but, it WAS fun to listen, watch, and enjoy

    thanks for taking the time to look and comment
  13. Greg,
    #3 and #8 work great for me. Nice job using your D3 to it's fullest. Hard to believe these are 3200. Did you purposely push your histogram to the right to decrease noise? They all look about 1/3 a stop to hot.

    Should have borrowed my 85mm, f1.4. I'm curious how you would have done with that lens on the D3 in that situation.
  14. Well done Greg. Stage performances are so hard to shoot because of the mixed lighting but you have handled it all very well. My favorite would be #6.
  15. Nice Greg.
    Many many moons ago I did some AD back in UK as a kid.
    Love the colour and storytelling form the images.
  16. mitch
    thanks so much for looking and commenting
    one day i hope that you will go with me on one of these shoots...

    the D3 did NOT react the way i thought
    i did NOT intentionally shoot HOT
    in fact, i had to DE-saturate almost every image....
    i made sure that the D3 was setup "neutrally"
    i did NOT shoot RAW...
    it's just a FUN GIG and i didn't feel like messing with them that much

    i have NO idea why they were HOT and OVERsaturated
  17. thank you, Gordon
    i greatly appreciate you taking the time to look and comment.... that means a lot to me.

    it was quite "fun" to shoot the theater...
    such nice folks/wonderful voices/enjoyable comedy and singing
    i only do this 6 times/year, so... getting better is happening slowly, i'm afraid

    thanks again
  18. i really appreciate you taking a look and commenting
    and, i'm glad that the images brought back some pleasant memories for you
    theater is such a fun thing in which to become involved

    thanks for your kind words
  19. leahp26


    Apr 28, 2008
    Southern NH
    Greg - you did a great job in what sounds like challenging lighting! I think the last shot is pretty funny! And some great close ups!
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