I miss 4labs (Eric)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mitchell, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. At the risk of seeming sappy, I miss seeing this guy around here. It may seem strange, but I used to love seeing his photos of his daughter (Samantha) who is just a few months younger than my daughter (also Samantha).

    Anyone have any idea if he's ok or where he has gone?

    I may seem wierd, but I miss these photos. I hate when people vanish with no explanation (not that he needs to give one).
  2. I agree Mitch. There are quite a few people I miss and plenty of people I don't! :biggrin: I always enjoy watchig people's kids grow up on the Cafe.
  3. Eric had relocated to NC from NY I know that he was in touch with Randy, but he has not heard from him fo a bit. Eric was a great guy and I too miss his participation
  4. Oh I didn't realize he had relocated....for some reason, I thought he was regularly between the two.

    Yes, I too miss his shots. I always enjoyed watching the two Samanthas (and in the very beginning for me, learning to keep them straight! :biggrin: ).
  5. Theyight of still had the place in NY but whenever I emailed or PMd him he was in NC
  6. He did relocate to NC when his wife took a new job. They built a new house in outside of Charlotte. I suspect he is still in that area.

    I just hope all is well, and he is just taking a break from photography. He's a nice guy, great photographer, and has a beautiful daughter. I'm just hoping he returns at some point to give us all an update.