i must have a thing for mushrooms....

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  1. i have no clue why its a group of mushrooms or if this is normal but it was growing on the side of the house i found it to be very interesting...let me know what you think about the shot.....

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  2. Nice shot! I love this time of the year. It takes me two hours to walk a mile.

  3. WOW! Caulishrooms:rolleyes::biggrin:Nice capture.
  4. so thats what they are called huh??

    thanks for the comments on the photo!
  5. I love this picture, the soft top-lighting really makes it.
  6. thank you TOLandy
  7. Well done.....I remember your first mushroom shot and this is much better. Excellent really. I like the low perspective and the overall softness it has.
  8. This is a very nice image. I like the lighting and your selection of a narrow depth of field. Well done!

  9. thank you

    i made sure not to shot at 1.8 this time :smile:
    thank you Glenn...the DoF is just enough to make the mushroom "pop"
  10. Chris G

    Chris G

    Sep 12, 2007
    Ohio, USA
    very nice -
  11. thanks chris!