I need help...70-200 problem

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  1. I was shooting at a park with my 70-200 VR at the park a couple of days ago a\on my D70. I was shooting in Apeture prioity mode at f8. All of a sudden all shots started to be seriously overexpoused. To keep a long story short I tested the camera with 3 other lenses with no problems so it isn't the camera's fault. Through trial and error I learned that the lens is stuck on an apeture of f/2.8. Any ideas of how I can fix this or is it a trip back to the factory. There wasn't any trauma to the lens, it just stopped working. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.
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    Jan 25, 2005

    Several of us had metering problems on a trip to Florida earlier this year, and all were cleared up by wiping the contacts on the lens and / or TC. I hope that's all that is all that is wrong with yours. :eek:
  3. interesting that you bring this up. It also happened to me one cold morning last week. I would meter the shots in manual (70-200VR lens attached) set the camera and the shots were completely blown. I switched to program mode for a few shots of medium toned items (grass etc) and it did ok. (I guess it was compensating for the aperature) I did not and still do not know that it was stuck on 2.8 but willing to bet it was the same problem. I switched to 12-24 lens and shot for awhile with no issues and basically forgot about it..... till now. See the comments I made in this post https://www.nikoncafe.com/vforums/showthread.php?t=56160
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