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I saw my first Bald Eagle in flight!

Discussion in 'Birds' started by Jim Strathearn, Nov 12, 2005.

  1. I'm driving across the Conowingo Dam in Maryland and happened to glance out of my drivers side window. There is a Bald Eagle flying at pretty much the same speed as me about 150 yards to my left. This is the first time I've ever seen one in the wild and to see it in flight was amazing! I hear that they winter there so I'll be going out hunting from time to time... :biggrin: Anyway, that got me pretty excited! I can see how you all get so worked up over these birdies.

    Seeing how this is a picture gallery, I guess I better post a picture... This eagle's left wing is damaged and it is in a small zoo in NJ:

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  2. Animal rescue saves many birds with similar injuries. They get to live out their lives in zoo's or other such facilities. A large raptor like an eagle is a sight to behold in flight, I agree with you. We have a number of golden eagles where I live but rarely see a bald eagle.
  3. bfjr

    bfjr Guest

    Are you OK, is the car OK, did the cop give a ticket for driving like a maniac?? I only ask cause I know these things and more would of happened to me!! :biggrin: :Shocked: :biggrin:

    Sight to behold isn't it ?!?
    Anxiously awaiting my 1st sighting in the wild, hope I don't screw up! :rolleyes: 

    Damaged wing or not he's still an Eagle and a nice image as well :wink:
  4. Thanks for looking Gordon. I guess I now have to learn the patience of sitting and waiting for that special shot...
  5. LOL! The bridge over the dam is one lane in each direction with not much "wiggle" room. I did weave just a tad... :rolleyes:  The worst part is that I had all my camera equipment in the car but was on the way to do another shoot so I couldn't stop. The bird was on the accessible side of the river no less...

    Good hunting! Hopefully we both get our first wild Bald Eagle shots soon!
  6. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Last year at age 62 was the first time I saw a Bald Eagle in the wild !!!!!!!!!!

    No I couldn't get a decent shot for nothing. I was to excited and overwelmed.
    I sure understand your excitement.
    Hope you see many more and get to get some images to put on your wall :>)))))))

    The zoo Eagle is beautiful, like Gordon said, that is still a Majestic Bald Eagle.

    Very nice shot.
  7. Update - First pic!

    I know the feeling Gale! Thanks for the comments.

    Well, we stopped at a known next late yesterday afternoon. The sun was behind the hill and the light was poor. But, the pair is back and we got off a few shots. This one is a 50% crop (at 800 ISO) so you can imagine how far away it was from me at 400mm. I'll go back during the morning hours to see if I can get them perched on a lower tree in some better light. Anyway, I'm thrilled that I'm able to now spot these things in the wild!
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  8. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    That is a good catch. I actually like the composition of that shot. Quite unusual. He is sitting right in the triangle. Great shot.
    Keeper forever.

    Best of shooting the Majestic Bird.
    I am very happy for you.
  9. My first sighting was in Florida many years ago. Had a close encounter as the bird actually swooped down on me! Picked myself up and it was gone. Talked to a naturalist who said that although it was rare it is not unheard of. About 5years earlier an eagle actually smashed though the windshied of a VW bug and attacked the woman driver -- I believe this happed in AZ.

    Last year in Alaska we saw so many in the wild, but each and every one is so regal that you never get tired of putting up with bad weather, rocks, mud or whatever to get that next shot!

    Here's one from that trip:


    Paul :smile:
  10. Thanks Gale!
  11. :Shocked: WOW! I never heard of that! I guess I better keep a close on on these guys while I'm in their domain...

    Great pic!
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