I think my wife is getting " the bug"

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  1. Went out New Years day with my wife for a walk at a conservation area in town here....finally the sun was out...I with my D200...and Hanusia ( my wife) with the D 70...beautiful day...great little hike and at the end of the day she said to me "you know this can be habit forming!" I think she's got it...these are some of her first efforts.





    I think she did very well...what do you think?
  2. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    I think your in BIG trouble now!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Double LLD.. ohhhhh nooooo.....

    Well you tell Hanusia for me these are gorgeous. Keep up the good work.
    You have a good eye. good compositions.
    Please join us on the forum we need more gals.....

    Bob, congratulations for haveing a great shooting companion :>)))))
  3. Quite a start. I think she has a talent and a good eye for compostion.
  4. Thanks Gale and Gordon....she appreciates the kind comments ....she says she has lots to learn but has a good teacher.....and she's thrilled to be my wife ( I added that last part myself...can you tell?)

    Seriously, she is appreciative.
  5. she definately has a goood eye for this. It can be a wonderful hobby to share together so be thankful for that. Her images are really very well done, Who taught her :^)
  6. tojor


    Jul 27, 2005
    Pretty images. You live in a beautiful part of the planet.
  7. Very nice pictures from your wife, Bob. I think I am facing the same thing. I went out yesterday with the D200 and the wife asked if she could come and bring the D70. So we will see.
  8. She definitly has it...Watch out for your competition now:)
  9. Awesome job, careful, you might have some serious competition ;-) Really nice job. Like the compositions and she nailed the exposures!!
  10. Thanks for your warm welcome to the forum. I know that hubby gets a great deal of pleasure from exchanging ideas with all of you, so I am happy to join in the fun. At this point, I scarcely know an F-stop from an ISO setting, but that is slowly changing.

    Have had some ideas for interesting shots but have , up until now, hesitated to get involved as there seemed so much to learn. But, what the heck - I'm at that point in life where it's time to NOT be limited by fears. I'll learn as I go - pretty much what most people do, I guess.


    Hanusia Tkaczyk
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