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I took my camera in a canoe, call me crazy

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Electromen, Sep 5, 2005.

  1. Grey, what do you expect from a man who stands on his head on the edge of a cliff!!!???? *LOL* Vernon, hope you're using a VR lens on that waverunner....
  2. OK, so you're crazy - But you're not alone :biggrin: :biggrin:
    This was on our vacation in '02 (taken with D100 at the time). I never thought twice about bringing my gear in the canoe.

    Lake Louise, Alberta


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  3. Frits, nice shot.

    I'm with you.
    Cameras, cars, whatever...made to be used.
    Insurance is cheap.
    I know people who buy things..then coddle, protect, sequester, never use them.
    Not me. Not you.

    Nice shot, thanks.
    Photography is all about carrying a bit of life's experiences away with you.
  4. Greg, that Lowepro bag is terrific - until you need your camera. It's more designed for stowing your gear when you're paddling but VERY difficult to get the bag opened and get at your camera. I looked at it extensively and decided no, too hard to open.

    Frits, nice to see you made it out west - beautiful shot. I was there... oh, about 20 years ago, and the mountains are stunning.

    Yes, folks, like Vernon says, gear is made to be used. Think of all the shots you're missing because "it might get wet". Just use your ol' brain when you're near the water and you'll be fine.
  5. cybertec

    cybertec Guest

    that's why you need the Dry Zone from LowePro, I have this bag and it is great if you have to go to harsh environments, like the rainforest or in a canoe :) , this bag is made to be droped in the water with all your gear inside, it is as water tight as it gets, and it is well paded, plus it will not sink, and your gear will be safe and sound, you really took some chances there with close to $5,000 worth of equipment, next time get the DryZone for such trips, take care.
  6. Cherokee


    Nov 27, 2005
  7. You are by no means foolish or unwise.
    Use your equipment as you see fit. Exercise good judgement.
    The agorophobic photographer who sits in the safety of his or her living room holding pristine equipment is missing out on life.
    Not me. Not you either, eh?

    A Lowepro Dryzone isn't cheap but it is good insurance.
    The camera ,when left dry and safe at home misses good shots. I can't stand that.

    Here is D2H and 12-24 from my Waverunner, Lake Powell, held one-handed pointed off the stern at 40 MPH.....uhhhhh.....the Dryzone was between my legs!:eek: 

    Dryzone...first line insurance. State Farm...the final solution:biggrin:

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  8. Cool Photo, How are your ribs, hope you're doing well.
  9. Thanks and thanks!

    Healed nicely, 5 weeks after....and living more cautiously as a result I hope.
  10. I use a large Pelican case when I canoe. This is mainly for the critical period of getting in and out of the canoe. This is the most likely time to tip over. Once I get going, I lay my equipment in front of me so I can get to it quickly. This almost backfired on a trip in the Okefenokee. As I paddled a few miles down a narrow ditch, I suprisingly discovered a gator at arms reach on the bank beside me. If it had awakened it could have jumped in the canoe and drowned my Fuji GX-617 pano and Nikon 400 f/3.5. But it didn't. Also, I've made a number of shots standing in my canoe and hand holding my 617. This was the only way I could ge the perspective I wanted. Anyway, it's fun to live on the edge through photography. By the way, I consider myself pretty much a coward, but I'm braver when I have a camera between me and the world. I bet all you guys and gals take chances wnen it comes to getting 'the picture'.
  11. Sandi, you owe me big time. I just spent all kinds of time looking at kayaks online due to your post. There goes all my money once again!! Actually I have been torn between buying a large (square stern, family friendly) canoe or going for a couple of kayaks...... now you have me leaning towards the former.
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