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I used to have a skylight; now it's mostly sky...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by little big man, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. My wife is out of town for a couple of weeks; should I send these to her via email now, or wait until she gets home and sees the finished product first?

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  2. Sean, I'm with you! My whole house looks like that right now. It makes one wonder if it will ever look right again. That's a great place for a skylight - is it going to be an operable skylight, or fixed?
    Glad to see the ice guard on the roof. Here's hoping you get continued blue skies while you have a 'hole' in your house. :biggrin:
  3. Phillip Ino

    Phillip Ino

    Nov 26, 2007
    Whoa...I hope this didn't come as a result of any storms or anything..
  4. Ahem....well, it's an existing fixed skylight that was doubling as a 'water feature' in a bathroom! It suits that part of the house well, but I have to admit there have been times I wanted to just deck over it and be done with the leakage.
  5. Oh that kind of skylight!!!!!

    Is that why she left??

    Mine managed to avoid the 10 days a few very hot summers ago when we had our wood shingle roof replaced! Smart lady!
  6. Aha, no, I purposely scheduled the job while she's away at a family reunion. (Although she may not come back if I send her these photos....).

    Yeah, how is it that the Mrs. always dodges these things???
  7. jeremyInMT

    jeremyInMT Guest

    oh, there's more to this project than just putting the hole in? ;) 
  8. Yeah, they said the hole was free; it was the rest that was going to cost me!
  9. Ahhhh, I thought it was a new skylight, I didn't realize it was an old leaky one being replaced. I'm hoping the new skylight has self-flashing framing. I have this on my third floor skylight and hasn't leaked in over 24 years. Buy good, buy once.
  10. SteveK


    Mar 16, 2005
    Ah yea, window problems. Our second floor windows are large, trapezoidal shaped in vinyl frames. The company that made them is in the Seattle area. First, all five large windows were made backwards (and there is a coating on them that must be on the outside). They were ordered again, and after 6 weeks when they came back, they again sent them backwards. The third time they only sent the glass.....but of course that didn't help because the frames were backwards. The forth time was the charm. Now, we needed to heat the building for plumbers & electricians to do the rough in. By this time it was mid-winter, and heating an un-insulated building that was missing 5 large windows with diesel fired ready heaters was costing me $100/day. At least it's almost finished. Granite countertops were installed today. Another two weeks, and we will finally be able to move in!
  11. Sean you are taking the skylight out, and I know the older ones sometimes had problem with leaks, but as Sandi noted, they have come a long way. If anyone else has any interest in sky lights, take a look her, http://www.solatube.com/homeowner/ these are what we install in our homes. Small, leak proof, reduces heat buildup, throws light in a 360 radius and adaptable for most any situation.
    Hope you survive your remodel, I always joked with customers, telling them a house build or do over was a true test of their marriage. LOL
  12. That depends on if you want your wife to come back, or not! :biggrin:
  13. So thats how I get out of family reunions!! :wink::biggrin::wink:
  14. Glad to hear your house is almost finished - that has to be gratifying when starting from the foundation up!

    I have seen the solatubes for some time - I really like the idea of having them mount through a gable opening, and then curving down into the sheetrock of the ceiling - that way you don't have to worry about roof integrity. I've told my wife that I only have 2 re-models in me, so once we're done with this one (6 years of work and counting), she'd better choose wisely!

    I absolutely want her (and our daughter) to come home - I just want them to have a functional home when they get here!

    Bingo, Douglas - it's an expensive excuse, but it's air-tight!

  15. Lemme git this straight?.... you wanna share that shot with your wife?
    Is that answer nuff ferya Buddy !
  16. Soooo.....you're saying.....no? :biggrin:
  17. Last weekend I installed a skylight in our condo.

    My wife loves it, but the people who live on the floor above us are furious.
  18. Unless you understand construction, that shot might be a tad scary, Sean. It doesn't bother me because I know what's going on, but having the 'nest' wrecked like that might give your wife some unneeded stress. I'd save those photos for the 'after' discussion, not the 'during' one.

    LMAO - thanks for that, that's a good one! You had me at first. Skylight in a condo - without board approval????? :eek: 
  19. Send her the pics, casually mention that you sprained your arm while working but you managed to get some plastic lawn bags nailed down over the hole, that they should hold up for a few days, providing you don't get any more storms.

    As a HVAC contractor for twenty some years, I have found that saying things in a positive light is essential.

  20. water feature, hee hee.

    Send us the photos of the finished project please Sean.
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