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I wouldn't do it even if I could get away with it

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mike Buckley, Jul 7, 2018.

  1. A new display taller than me in my local grocery store features a photo of two brands of Heineken beer in two bottles next to each other. The photo of the bottles themselves is about two to three feet tall. Everything about the bottles is exactly the same except that the two labels and caps are different. The water droplets on both bottles from top to bottom are in exactly the same place.

    I can only guess that Heineken wanted the display to look that way; if they hadn't, surely they would have noticed it as quickly as I did. But why would they want it that way?
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  2. Butlerkid

    Butlerkid Cafe Ambassador Moderator

    Apr 8, 2008
    Rutledge, Tennessee
    To highlight the difference between the labels and caps!
  3. Pics, or it didn't happen. :ROFLMAO: 
  4. Maybe they did it to get us to look at it ( it appears to have worked) and bring to our attention that the make two kinds of beer. I didn’t know they made more than one beer.
  5. It was the large size that got me to look at it. I enjoy doing product photography and have made photos of bottles of wine and beer with water droplets on them, so once I saw the display I stopped to examine the details of that look. Otherwise, I would have kept walking past it.
  6. Ah, but it's only Heineken! :yuck: 
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  7. I've noticed in the past few years, beer brands will switch to a new design for a while (special promotion? or in a specific marketing location) then revert back.
    Budweiser especially.
  8. Mike, was it possibly their regular beer next to their lighter NA rendition?

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    I believe Mike's story without actually seeing any images.
  9. It's difficult to tell at this small size, Robert, but I think that's the pair of bottles. Even at this small size, I see some water droplets that are in exactly the same place on the two bottles. The next time I go to the grocery store, I'll make a point of checking out the display to determine if it's the same pair of bottles.
  10. Thanks Mike, and maybe snap a pick for Trenchmonkey.
  11. Soon someone will have an article about photoshop layer/mask techniques which allow beautiful, perfect, and consistent water drops to be applied to your photos.
  12. Very tedious.
    adding water drops in photoshop - Google Search
  13. Mike, you're probably more observant than 95% of the people who will view the display.
  14. :D :D :D 
  15. Is this at the Safeway near you? I'll have to pop in there and have a look at that display! They don't have a Heineken one at my Giant. Instead they've got a huge display with some woman -- nearly life-sized -- and whatever the beverage the product is, I don't even remember. It is near the salad bar; I was helping myself to salad ingredients while having the distinctly odd feeling that someone was staring at me......I turned around, caught a glimpse of the woman, then turned back to the salad ingredients before thinking, "wait a minute!!" and turned around again for a better look and realized it was a cardboard display, not a real woman at all! LOL! Most women would not go to the grocery store dressed the way she is in that poster.....
  16. ^ it’s becoming clear this thread needs pics. We’ve all got cell phones with us, take some snapshots of these fascinating thing that are being described here.
    I confess, when I go into a grocery store I have tunnel vision and am only looking for the one or two items on the post-it note stuck in my wallet.
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  17. LOL! OK, Rick, if I remember when I'm in the grocery store next, I'll pull out the iPhone and snap off a couple of shots.....
  18. Yes, the Safeway on Lee Highway across the street from the cemetery. I'm counting on you to take the photo on your phone because I don't have the slightest idea (and don't want to learn) how to get it from my phone to here. :) 

    I recently learned about the store in Falls Church that sells used records and audio compact discs. While listening in my car in the parking lot to a piece on the radio before going into the store, I wondered why the man inside by the door stood there for so long. When I got to the door I realized that it was a full-size display of, of all people, Star Trek's Spock. It was only upon getting closer to him that I noticed his ears, not that he is made of cardboard. :ROFLMAO: 
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  19. You're my kind of guy, Rick! Despite that almost everyone else puts their notes on their cell phone, I also still use pieces of paper.
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