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I wouldn't do it even if I could get away with it

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mike Buckley, Jul 7, 2018.

  1. OK, maybe tomorrow or the next day I'll pop over to that Safeway and take a couple of shots of the Heineken display.....as well as a couple of shots of the cardboard woman in my Giant (which is just down the road from me).....

    My iPhone X takes pretty good pictures, actually -- today I was at a birthday lunch with friends and I had forgotten to take my "real" camera, so pulled out the iPhone and fired off some shots. We were seated in a sort of outdoor covered porch/patio area, so the lighting was pretty good: natural lighting with shade, no harsh sun blasting down. Earlier this evening I remembered to pull the images off the iPhone into the computer and I really was rather pleased at the sharpness of many of the images thanks to quick shutter response, even though people were sometimes moving -- these were all candid snaps, nothing posed -- and I realized that cell phone photography has indeed come a long way.

    If I've taken just one or two shots on the iPhone, I usually email them from the phone to myself, and that way they wind up on the computer, at which point I can then do any minor editing if needed and then can upload to my Zenfolio gallery or directly to this forum, or email to a friend, whatever...... When I have quite a few images in my "Camera roll" on the iPhone, it's easier and quicker to simply plug the phone into the Mac, fire up Image Capture and pull all the images off and dump them into a folder on the desktop. The photos I shot today I'll sort through, choose the best and most interesting, and then email to the people who were at the birthday luncheon.

    Like you guys, I'm still old-fashioned, too, in that I maintain a grocery list on paper, rather than putting it into the "notes" app on my phone, and I also don't use the calendar on my phone to keep up with appointments, etc. -- I have a printed calendar on the side of the refrigerator and that is where I notate all my appointments, things I need to do by a certain date, the day library books are due, etc. Just can't let go of the pen-and-paper method of doing things!!
  2. Post-its, note paper and other proven technology for me too. I retired with a life supply of stuff like that and have t use it some how. Paper Post-its on my screen are much more effective than the computer app of the same name :rolleyes: :D 
  3. Yep! I have notepads and post-its at my computer workstation all the time, right at hand to grab and make a note when needed..... I don't stick the post-its to the computer screen, though; I usually stick them to the desk, which is glass. In the kitchen I keep another writing pad, ready for me to add something to the shopping list, which I'll often do when I see that I'm using up the last of something or nearly doing so. Then whenever I'm ready to go the store, the list of items is ready, too.
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  4. I returned to the grocery store today (sorry, still no pic) and confirmed that the two bottles displayed in the photo Robert posted are the bottles displayed at the store. I can tell by the water droplets that they are the same. The main difference between the two images is that whereas the photo posted by Robert positions the two bottles nearly side by side with the bottle on the left slightly in front of the other one, the display at the grocery store has them positioned with the bottle on the right perhaps a bit more in front of the other bottle. At least that's how I remember the photo.
  5. Sorry, folks, I didn’t get out to the store today to snap photos of the display! Too busy enjoying this absolutely wonderful weather we’ve had this weekend — rare for July. Warm (but not sizzling hot), sunny and low humidity — perfect! Also have yet to sort through the photos I shot on my iPhone yesterday and send some of them to my friends.....
  6. web52


    May 9, 2008
    houston tx
    Looks to me like the only differences between the 2 bottles are
    1) some color of text/background easily enough inverted with PS
    2) One area of green background with different text on one bottle. This can be pasted on easily enough in PS and thus only one or two water drops (if any) in that area need to be fixed.

    Of course, the entire bottle might have been CGI without any photo and without any real beer to be wasted under the hot lights.

    OOOOooooooh --- Wonder if anyone has tried the defense: "No, your honor, it was computer-generated beer thus I could NOT have been drunk. ... No, sir, the graphics program was powerful enough that IT influenced the breathalyzer! I was clean!"
  7. Bill: There are several differences about the design of the labels that indicate to me that both labels were probably separately photographed. It would be easier to photograph them than to Photoshop them to make the changes.

    Good one! Though you probably know that hot lights wouldn't have been needed to make the photos.
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2018
  8. Think I'll check the store's beer cooler and see if two types of labels are available.
  9. Heineken was the first beer I ever had. I was a Sophomore (high school) at a boarding school in Pebble Beach, Ca. One of my room mates mother came to visit him from Hawaii. She took me and my friend Peter to her hotel room, and served us both a chilled Heineken. I can remember it like it happened yesterday and I knew that this was not going to be my last Heineken
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  10. I have no idea what the first beer or wine is that I ever had. You're fortunate to have that memory.

    I do remember a lot about the last beer I ever had. It was March 1985 in Prague, which at the time was practically surrounded by hops fields, and I was 34 years old. The restaurant was, according to my photo catalog, on the the Old Town Square where the St. Nicholas Church is located. My wife and I were enjoying lunch with a large group of friends we were touring with and they were raving about the pitcher of house draft beer being served. They insisted that I try it even though I didn't like beer. Their logic was that if I liked it, that would indicate that I had simply never had good beer; if I didn't like it, I would never like any beer and should give up trying. Though it was clearly the best beer I ever drank, I still didn't like it. I took their advice and have never drunk a sip of beer since then.
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2018
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  11. I certainly would never encourage anyone to start drinking, although I see nothing wrong with responsible consumption. I just happen to live in the brew capital of the US (San Diego's Craft Beer Industry) and marvel at the diversity of this beverage...literally something for everyone.

  12. OK, folks.....I went to two grocery stores today, iPhone in hand, and managed to snag some photos, although I was concerned that someone in authority would come up to me and ask, “what are you doing?” So I have the Heineken display from Safeway and the lady from Giant recorded for posterity on my iPhone. Right now I’m sitting out on my deck enjoying, ahem, a Heineken. It has been a while since I have had one and I’d forgotten how refreshing it is! Gee, talk about the power of suggestion! How could I not pick up some Heineken after shooting that display and looking at all the cartons of Heineken surrounding it?! LOL!!

    When I’m back in the house and on the computer again (on the iPad right now) I’ll attend to transferring the images to the computer for uploading to here......
  13. That was Mike's ulterior motive all along--after all, he spent years in marketing :rolleyes:  (He just never said it was Heineken's parent company he worked for!)
  14. No, I spent years in sales, which all too often meant telling my customers that the marketing folks of the manufactured products I was selling were really good at lying. :ROFLMAO: 
  15. Well, whatever, I must say I am enjoying this Heineken....it’s a nice change. That said, I still prefer Stella Artois, and in fact also picked up some Stella today, too! :) .
  16. OK, I messed that up, so let's try it again....

    As I said in the earlier post, there is some obvious distortion going on in one of the images and I imagine that's my fault, perhaps I got too close to the display or something..... Well, anyway, at least you can see the bubbles that Mike was talking about and also the sexy babe who is hanging out near the salad bar at my local Giant!

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  17. Ah, got it right that time -- earlier post I had inadvertently duplicated one of the images. So there we are.... This is what we see in our grocery stores in Northern Virginia! :) 
  18. Well done, Connie! I notice that the Light beer in the photo Rob provided is on the right and in the display you photographed that beer is on the left. Those marketing folks are so tricky!
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