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Discussion in 'Wanderlust and Travel' started by gnagel, Mar 7, 2018.

  1. I've been sharing a lot of photographs from Iceland as of late. Last night, I finished processing the images from the trip. I've put together a collection of my favorites on my photography website. You may CLICK HERE if you wish to view them.

    Following are a couple of seascapes that I haven't yet shared:

    Black Sand Beach near Vik
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    Nikon D850, Nikon 24-70 2.8, 20 second exposure

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    Nikon D850, Nikon 14-24 2.8

    Thanks for looking...
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  2. I really like in the first one how the sea mist in the background provides a nice background to the subject very much like the effect of having a blurred background but better because the detail remains visible through the mist.

    Wonderful composition in the second one. As in the case of Karen's somewhat similar photo, I wonder if this one would be better in monochrome. Her conversion was a dramatic improvement for me.
  3. Is the next to last photo at your website the church at Vik? I wasn't able to get a keeper of it because I didn't like the several cars that were parked at it when I was there.
  4. Thanks Mike...I think that's a great suggestion about trying a B&W conversion for the second one.

    Yes, that's the Reyniskirkja Church at Vik. There was an amazing composition from back behind the church looking down at the town...but it was impossible to get as I was looking directly into the light with rain blowing into the lens. I did remove the cars from the frame...there might have been 7 or 8 there at the time. Fortunately, the parking lot was off to the side of the church. Our guide said that at one time the parking lot was positioned right in front of the church from the position that I was shooting from.

  5. I seem to remember that I didn't go to that effort because other characteristics of my image, unlike yours, weren't good enough to justify the time and effort. So, I simply used the Delete key knowing that I had satisfactory images of other churches.
  6. I’ve been known to use the Delete key with some frequency! :) 

  7. Two beautiful shots, Glenn. Glad they escaped the delete key :) 
  8. Both beautiful, Mike's suggestion about the B&W might also work.

    Although I have already seen most of your collection, it is nice to see all the photos together . Congrats again Glenn and thanks for showing us the beauty of Iceland through your camera.
  9. Beautiful, Glenn. I want to look at all of your favorites when I have time, but I thought it was interesting to compare the first one of yours with my #6 in this thread. Shows what a difference great light and tide conditions can make. I think we were standing in the same spot.
  10. I have been to Iceland many times and have never seen blue sky there. But I keep going back.
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  11. Notice that another difference in Jim's photo is that the water has carved a section out of the beach in the form of a stream. I wonder how long that stream remained so.
  12. Thanks Nick
    Thanks Binnur...and thanks for following along through my journey
    Thanks Jim...for me, the tide made the biggest difference. The compositions are quite similar.
    It's a beautiful place. We were fortunate to get some blue sky--but usually only for an hour or two every other day.

  13. I like the black & white as well...
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  14. I much prefer the color version. In the B&W one the great color of the water in the foreground gets lost, and the whole image has a sort of film negative look.
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  15. Thanks for the feedback, Nick...it does seem like a shame to lose the color since the colors were somewhat vibrant in the original version. It's possible that I didn't create the strongest conversion...I opted for a darker sky (red filter).

  16. Compared to the current monochrome, I prefer the color version. Using a different color filter might yield more satisfactory results. I would probably choose a color filter that yields the best results in the foreground material and the mountain, leaving the tones in the sky to fall where they may until the brightness of the sky is adjusted separately, if needed.

    Having said that, Glen's color image doesn't have the compelling need to convert to monochrome that Karen's has. At least not for me.

    Another thought: If you can't get the foreground water to obviously and immediately be recognizable as water in the monochrome version, probably better sticking with the color version.
  17. Bravo! A striking collection of photographs from your trip. Thanks for sharing them grouped in such a wonderful format. What is most striking to me is the diversity of the excellent photos you captured over you short time in Iceland. Excellent!
  18. the_traveler


    Mar 22, 2007
    en route
    A semi-off topic comment (I do like the pictures) is that there is a truly excellent restaurant either in Vik or close that is run by an airline. Gourmet level meals and setting (and prices).
    I was amazed at the lack of traffic on that road. We were further each, coming back from the glacier lagoon and, in an wide open area, realized the sky was full of the aurora. We stopped right in the middle of the road to watch the lights. In 20 minutes, we had to turn on our car light only twice to signal passing cars that we were there.
  19. I will play with the B&W conversions a bit more...but I suspect I'll leave the color version in my collection of favorites from the trip.

  20. Thanks Mitch...I appreciate it very much. And thanks for helping me prep for the trip by being so responsive to all my questions and concerns.
    Thanks Lew...I wish we would have seen such an aurora. I photographed one---but it was only visible to the camera's sensor and not to the naked eye.

    We ate at a good restaurant in Vik, but it wasn't the one run by the airline. It was a restaurant operating out of a historic building that once served as the town hall. Good service and good food...I would return.

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