If A Tree Falls In The Forest.....

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  1. Hi Birgit -

    Wow - that is some serious and heavy action you've captured! Why was the elm being brought down?

    Last December, we had a crippling ice storm that left many of us without power for more than a week. After power was restored, the local utility contracted with crews to come all over the region to trim back tree limbs along rights-of-ways and easements such that their future growth would be away from the power lines.

    Some of that pruning left elm cylinders in my back yard - and I can testify that those are *really* heavy!

  2. I have a lot of trees. All the Elms are dying of Dutch Elm disease. This year I had three Black Locust trees and two very large elms cut down. The man cutting down the trees is like a monkey. He has been coming to my house to cut down trees for many many years. He is taking the large logs and leaving me smaller logs, cut to my fireplace size. I can no long split logs, so I like the smaller ones.

    I sent the pics (there are a lot more) to his wife who of course, never wants to witness the tree climbing and felling. He said it was okay.

    What I was pleased with are the shots of the logs falling to ground.