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If this cold be adapted for aerial photography?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Crayaco, Nov 16, 2005.

  1. Baywing


    Feb 22, 2005
    CT USA
    It would appear that it would take some time for this gizmo to be able to lift the weight involved. Beyond that, it appears that it runs off of electricity, either cable or some sort of battery/capacitor arrangement. Even with those issues resolved, it seems unstable in windy conditions and may not be able to attain much altitude. Aiming the camera also would be an issue. I think I saw somewhere there are currently other types of tethered objects that can carry a camera aloft, which appear more viable at least as of now.
    As an aside, I have my doubts about anti-gravity machines......
  2. You know...

    ...I have this bridge that I think you may be interested in... :wink:

  3. I know these are in experimental stages, but man the possibilities would be great for quiet, stealth photography if these are every developed. You could even sneak up on wildlife.

    If we think back a few years we would be seeing digital cameras in experimental stages that we would be thinking, "Man that would be nice."

    Dennis, about that bridge ..................
  4. Sorry...

    ... I didn't mean to sound like such turd but an anti-gravity machine? I don't think so.

    Looking at that website I can tell you that passing a large amount of voltage through aluminum foil will not produce anti-gravity. It will make an electrical field around it, but that's all.

    Anti-gravity involves the bending of the space/time continuum and I feel pretty confident in saying that balsa wood and foil won't do that (although if you touch it while it's energized you would probably FEEL like your continuum had been bent :wink: )

    Anti-gravity would be a great thing if it existed and I'm glad that there are those folks who have a strong enough belief in it to continue trying. But, with our CURRENT understanding of the laws of physics, it just isn't possible.

  5. Dennis,

    No offense taken or even felt. I even laughed at your bridge comment. I am just fascinated by these things. I too think calling it "anti-gravity" is a bit much. It is just another way of lifiting an object just like the thrust of an engine.

    It takes dreamers to move us forward in science and I am amazed at the things that have been attempted that look and sound silly, but years later come to reality. i.e., the airplane, automobile, etc.
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