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  1. Iguana122117-40-XL.

    Thanks for looking!
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  2. A handsome guy, well done Dossy.
  3. Nice...great portrait
  4. Much appreciated, Gordon and Bohdan!
  5. Love the colors, exposure, and the natural background. Hey, are the Piccolo Burrowing Owls doing ok?
  6. Thanks Bobby! I haven't been to Piccolo in a while, but we have a few in the park near my house which is in the same general area. We have both the yellow eye and black eye ones.
  7. Very well done Dossy.
  8. Thank you Louie!
  9. Binnur


    Oct 4, 2017
    Izmir / Turkey
    Nice shot Dossy.
  10. A very nice shot Dossy, sharp and great detail............
  11. Thanks Binnur!
    Much appreciated Darrell!
  12. Thanks so much, Mike!
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