I'm a hopeless case

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by Harry S., May 8, 2007.

  1. And I thought that lens lust is no more problem for me. Well, I survived more than a year without any purchase but recently it hit me again.

    I bought an EL-Nikkor (75mm f/4) for my bellows and will probably replace it with Rodenstock APO-Rodagon soon (I borrowed one for tests).

    Last week I gave in to my collecting addiction and got an unused 105 F/2.5 AiS to accompany my 28/2 and 35/1.4. After the first few test shots I can say that this lens will be more than a collectible, an optical gem!

    O.k., both lenses cost me roughly 200 EURO, but
    the same guy who lent me the Rodenstock also lent me a NOCT!!!! and now I am in deep trouble .....
    This lens is awesome! Focussing is a bit difficult, though. But the image quality, even at f/1.2 is nothing short of amazing.

    As soon as I find some spare time to edit the pics I will post a few results.

    And then I will consult my psycho therapist .....

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  2. ...as if we didn't know that... :biggrin:

    5th time in a week...:eek:

    Harry, you need a break! Send all your gear to me for six months. Doctor's order!:cool:

  3. Nadja is 18 months old, so it will only be 17 years before you'll need to make your first college tuition payment... :rolleyes:.

    I just looked through your galleries, and Nadja is quite the beauty! Now that you've conquered the basics of parenting, isn't it time to give her a little brother to play with?
  4. My marriage witness is a psychiatrist - does that tell you something? :rolleyes:

    You should consider the shipping costs :biggrin:
  5. Thanks Frank. Yes, she is a jewel. But so is every child to its parents.

    You are in conspiracy league with my wife, aren't you?
    Seriously, we are considering that.

  6. You survived more than a year without a purchase? :eek:

  7. Unbelievable, isn't it?
    But my lens list is quite long already:
    MF 28/2.0 AiS
    MF 35/1.4 Ai
    MF 45/2.8 P
    MF 85/2.8 PC Micro
    MF 105/2.5 AiS
    AF 28/1.4 D
    AF 50/1.8 D
    AF 60/2.8 D Micronikkor
    AF 85/1.4 D
    AFS 12-24/4 G DX
    AFS 28-70/2.8 D
    AFS VR 70-200/2.8 G IF
    AFS TC 14E II
    Canon 500 D
    Rodenstock TV-Heligon 42/0.75
    Rodenstock XR-Heligon 75/1.1
    De Oude Delft Rayxar 50/0.75
    Zeiss Luminar 40/4.5
    Leitz Photar 25/2.5
    Leitz Photar 12.5/2.4
    Leitz Macro-Elmarit 60/2.8
    Leitz Macro-Elmarit 100/4
    EL-Nikkor 75/4

    so, I'm quite buffered against lens lust and the lenses I really crave are out of my (financial) reach (like the 200/2 VR).
  8. Harry, you are a hoot and a fantastic photographer, but the right glass really helps!

    Can hardly wait to see the results from your new purchases.
    :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

    aka beaucamera
  9. oh you got it real bad my friend.