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I'm a Mom and I feel sooo stupid!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by cajun angel, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. Okay, this week is Joshua's week to really shine at his school and is student of the week in first grade! He was supposed to make a poster of photos describing his favorite things in his life. Well, this is where I feel like MAJOR STUPID! I had a hard time coming up with just 8 photos! My kids are very precious to me and why I don't take more photos of them I haven't a clue! I hope no one else is like me!

    Well, here's my shinning star, my little buddy, my precious 6 yr old first grader. This is one of the photos on his poster.

    I love taking pictures!
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  2. gadgetguy11


    Nov 16, 2005
    Actually, I am guilty as charged!!

    You make a great point. Thanks for the wake-up call. I have thousands of tiger, giraffe, & lion shots, some sharp as a tack with the 200/2.0 and 200-400, but only several of my wife's daughter, and none that are very good... I am not kidding - this is terrible!!
  3. You can never have enough pics of your kids. I have lots of pics from holidays, get togethers and so on but the ones I look at again and again are of kids. I've noticed the older the pictures get the more I enjoy them. I remember I couldnt wait for them to grow up and now I wonder how they did that so fast. Their terrible 2's seems so far away and they're only 16 & 17. I see younger families and it seems hard to remember my kids that young cause it was so long ago....
  4. emidyl


    Jan 28, 2007
    I am actually quite the opposite. My photos are primarily of my kids and not too much of anything else really. I am guilty of taking many more of my younger son than my daughter as hers are mostly in the many shoeboxes from the film days when she was small. The ones with my son are almost all digital. Oddly I have none of me whatsoever. Curse of being behind the camera I guess.

  5. Thats my problem, I take most of the pictures so I am not in many of them.
  6. Hey Dianne,

    No need to beat yourself up about it. Thank GOD you realize it and can now take all of the images of the kids that you want. He looks like he is really into taking that picture. Go Joshua!
  7. Josh really does like photography! He and his older sister seem to like it more than my oldest son. We're planning a short camping/atv trip this weekend, maybe we'll all come back with some nice photos! And thanks!
  8. haze2


    Mar 18, 2007
    Phoenix, AZ
    One of the best reasons to take pictures of your kids is that it makes you get out and DO things with them. Last week I took my three granddaughters to the Phoenix Zoo. The weekend before we went to some sort of silly indoor jungle thing. Saturday I was at my 16-year old daughter's track meet. You quickly grow weary of grabbing snapshots in the living room, so think of something fun to do with the kids and shoot away! If they are involved in sports, dance, or any other regular activity, you don't even have to think of something to do! I love taking pic's of the kids and I can't ever force myself to throw any of them away.....even the bad ones.

  9. Dianne, not a problem you can start now.
    My little 18 Month old Grandson is my favorite subject.
    I am sure he thinks his Granddad comes permanently equipped with a camera.
    Many times it is simply just snapshots of my little guy like these.

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  10. Funny thing, we're always out! If it's not the duck pond we found in our town, it's somewhere else! We just get caught up in taking photos of the critters around us or something like that - very seldom of each other! I think it's gonna change!
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