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Im and idiot! Getting tape residue off D2x grip?

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR Forum' started by newbie builder, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. Well in Istanbul I covered the "Nikon", "D2x", and the red stripe on the grip of my camera to make it a little less conspicous (ok, not much, the thing is still huge and stands out, but I figured it couldnt hurt).
    On the "Nikon" and "D2x" parts the tape peels off just fine, no residue at all. On the rubber grip, however, it's tape residue galore...after I went out the first day I checked it and it was fine, but I guess over the next few days it got too hot and he tape got all guey on the rubber grip. For a variety of reasons, I've gotta get that gunk off--any ideas???

    On a lighter note, other than that the D2X has been holding up great and been a real champ over in Istanbul, hopefully some geat images are going to come of this trip.
  2. pforsell


    Jan 15, 2008
    one substance that I regularly use to get glue residue off of CD disc covers after removing the price sticker is olive oil. When I let a small amount of olive oil sit on the glue for a couple of hours the glue comes off with a tissue leaving no traces.

    The rubber grips are a bit different issue... if you apply too much of the stuff it will seep into seams and propably loosen the glue of the grip too. Other than that it is harmless, it won't harm the rubber or plastic. Unnecessary to mention, that oil in any electronics might be harmful.

    I'd try very very very carefully applying small amounts of olive oil with a cotton swab, let it sit there a few hours and then wipe it off with a dry towel and possibly another towel moistened in warm water that has a little bit of soap in it.

    If the glue is on/near body seams I would leave it there and not use any liquid on it.

    Alcohol/thinner/acetone will most likely melt/harm the plastics/paint/rubber of the camera and should not be used. The worst case scenario is that you'll need to replace or have Nikon replace the rubbers.
  3. MMarz


    Sep 15, 2007
    Long Island, NY
    I've use GooGone on soooo many items it is my first suggestion. However, as Peter mentions, I would be concerned with it migrating under the edge of the grip by the Sub-dial and loosening up more than glue residue.

    If you choose to try it, you can find it any big box store, and even CVS will have it. An alternative is an isopropal alcohol pad..it has just the right amount of alcohol that you might not have any running.

    Tough spot to have that sticky mess...good luck!
  4. I use WD40 on a paper towel to remove adhesives. I have never had it affect plastics or rubber surfaces. Apply it sparingly and check a small area first to be sure of compatibility.

    Good Luck,
  5. LynnTX


    Jun 23, 2008
    Removing tape residue

    I use WD40 and a little elbow grease!

  6. Phillip Ino

    Phillip Ino

    Nov 26, 2007
    Lighter fluid. As in, the fluid you would use to put into a Zippo lighter.
  7. Vandyu


    May 14, 2005
    Richmond, VA
    I find the heavy duty clear plastic packaging tape (not the light, cheap stuff) is very useful to pluck off label residue. You might try that using a quick lifting action so the tape can grab the residue and lift it loose. I'd try that before other "wet" suggestions. It's worked many times for me.
  8. Max

    Max Guest

    GooGone works usually
  9. Aleksey


    Mar 10, 2008
    New York
    I second GooGone. Apply very small amount on the piece of cloth and rub it off. Cloth should be just a little wet. That way there will be nothing to migrate under anywhere. Wash it with another cloth dipped in water.
  10. Alright well now that I'm back from Istanbul I guess I'll start trying things....it'll be tricky since it's so near that little dial, but hopefully I can use cotton swabs and probably goo gone or lighter fluid. Thanks for the suggestions!
    Anybody have any idea how much it costs if I have to get the rubber grip replaced?
  11. fivegrand

    fivegrand Guest

    denatured alcohol
  12. GooGone or any orange cleaner should do it.
  13. MMarz


    Sep 15, 2007
    Long Island, NY
    Not sure about the cost of the rubber, but you might consider doing it yourself..

    Go here for parts...

    And read here for more details. Also search the forums for a good write up..I can't find the link
  14. Concentrated car-wash liquid soap applied with a Q-tip. Same cautions as above.
  15. Napha (which is zippo/ronson lighter fluid, or 3M adhisive remover) applied to a little scrap of paper towel, and lay it on the spot for a few minutes- keep it wet, but not so wet that it will run into seams.

    after a few minutes, wipe away with a dry papertowel, and the follow with a wiping with denatured alchol.

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