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  1. I can't bear to let go of my beloved 990. I would get peanuts for it and it still takes such great pictures.

  2. I also loved my 990, right up to the day that someone broke into my house and stole it (along with quite a few other things). Interestingly, the thief was eventually caught and most of what was stolen was actually recovered, but alas not the 990...
  3. MontyDog


    Jan 30, 2005
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  4. Jarrell


    Feb 13, 2005
    Macon, Ga.
    Well, how cool is this! A Coolpix forum, no less.. :)
    Rich, I still have my 990 also and I even use it on occasion!
  5. Yeah. My first digital was the 4500. I rapidly moved to the 5700. Too bad. I really liked the 4500 - excellent 4 Mp little machine. Ideal for candid, waist level shots, over the head too. It was rugged and worked under all climates. It had the spirit of a rangefinder.
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  6. Lisa


    May 3, 2005
    Wow! :Whistle: I still have and use my CP990 as well. It's fun, a little on the slow side, but still takes great pictures. Of the 3 digital cams I've owned, my 990 produces the most accurate colors...most notably purples and shades of green. :biggrin:

  7. Commodorefirst

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    May 1, 2005
    Ok. Ok. Ok. enough of this 990 950 talk, time for some Nikon CP5000 talk :)

    The first of the high end high dollar "prosumer" 5 mp digital cameras that was actually really good. (at least outdoors) Sure it didn't swivel, but the LCD did! With the adapter you got an honest 19mm equiv without terrible distortion. Sweet. Of course the first one cost me $1,200.00 and then batteries, and a bag, and the wide angle lens, yowser, ouch, I spent less on my two D70 camera bodies combined this past year than I did on that outfit. lol Of course I won't talk about what I have spent on Nikon lenses. :)

    I did have a 5700 for around 4 months then I sold it for the first d70.

    I haven't looked back since, but the CP5000 stays in the car full time now. The other one is attached to my d50x flash for indoor birthdays, much less smaller than the D70, and folks don't shy away from the camera. Plus I can just shoot with it sitting on a table using the swivel LCD,

    Anyway, you can go back to your 990 950 stories, thanks for letting me digress.

    A few taken with the CP5000:



    sometimes I sure do miss that sharp dof from front to way back.

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