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I'm going to Canada next week...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Scott Sherman, Apr 22, 2005.

  1. Hi all,
    I am going to Vancouver and Victoria BC on the 28th of April through the 4th of May. We are going to be staying at the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel. We have a reservation for Butchart Gardens on one of the days. I think we are going to just explore for the remaining days. I know that some are from Canada and perhaps even from this region and others are well traveled.


    I was hoping that someone might recommend places in the area to see and photograph. I am not familiar with the area but have heard it is quite nice and photographic.

  2. Scott, get in touch with Andreas B. and Rory G., they are both in that "general direction". I am hoping to get up there sometime myself in the next few months for a few days. Those two fellows can give you a ton of info.

    Buttchart will give you lot's of opportunities if you like garden settings. You might want to catch a Whale Watch trip out of Victoria if you want to see Orcas and such. The architecture is pretty neat in Victoria, as are the museums.

    In Vancouver, don't miss the Aquarium.
  3. Hi Scott

    I know a bit about Vancouver Island - I've lived here for 25 years :lol:

    Some other options for you to consider are:

    1. A day trip up to Port Renfrew (up the west coast of the Island from Victoria. The San Juan river estuary is very interesting, and there are three or four parks on the way.

    2. If you come up to Nanaimo (90 minutes from Victoria) I would be happy to tour you around (on the weekend). Just past Nanaimo is Cathedral Grove - a stand of old growth Douglas Fir, Cedar and Hemlock that is very impressive. My phone number is 250 758-0768.

    3. The shore all around Victoria is very nice.

    4. There is a small park called Goldstream, just north of Victoria that is good, with old growth and maples.

    5. Saltspring Island is worth a trip.

    6. Beacon Hill park in downtown Victoria.

    Send me an email if you have any specific questions.
  4. Rory,
    that is an unbelievalby tempting offer, but when I presented it to my wife she kind of gave me a look. I'm pretty sure the look was saying, this is our weekend, and I don't want to share you with a photographer because you guys will be talking about lenses and cameras and techniques and stuff that I have no interest in.

    In other words, i think it would be a great opportunity if I can ever break away and make the trip myself, but I want to stay married and by that I mean stay happily married, so I must as graciously as possible decline your offer this time. to be fair we both work more than full time and I have to agree with her on this, we do need some get away time together.

    What I really need is a few places that will be fun for us and photographically interesting for me.

    However, if I could take a rain check, it sounds great to me and I would very much enjoy getting together to see some of the places you described with someone who knows their way around.
  5. Scott, just give her your Amex card and tell her to go wild!! LOL Of course, that would mean she'd also be spending your 'future lens' money as well *LOL*
  6. I was raised up and down the pacific northwest, Vancouver being my birthplace! You have to visit Stanley Park. That is the most beautiful city park on the north american continent. The Vancouver downtown landscape is what a downtown should be. Rich in architecture, design and photo ops galore, you should have lots of fun. Queen Elizabeth Park is also a popular destination overlooking the city and harboring a scenic and beautiful garden home to many wedding and macro flower photographers. Don't forget Chinatown. You'll think you've landed right in the middle of Hong Kong. Exotic smells fill your lungs with the hustle and bustle of a diverse shopping district. Food is amazing in Vancouver as well and I can't begin to express how much I miss the cusine. Night life is also excellent with lively clubs and bars. Women in Vancouver are some of the most beautiful in the world with esquisite poise and class. When you get there, take a big breathe of the NW air, no air in southern California even compares to the sweet smell of the Canadian Rocky's. I would move there except southern California has one thing I need to keep sane...sunshine! It rains more than 8 months out the year up north! Yikes! :p 

    My advice, Canadians are nice (I should know because I am one), but Vancouver is just like any big city with crime and wackos. Make sure to keep incognito with your gear and don't leave anything in a car if you plan to use a rental. I would use only one lens, to keep things simple.

  7. My wife and I caught a ship out of Vancouver a couple of years ago, got there just before it sailed. If there is any one city in North America I'd love to have time to explore its this one. From what I could tell it was a very unique place and I really did want to visit Stanley Park. Oh well, maybe next time.
    You guys are gonna have a ball.. :) 
  8. Gotcha 8) You are welcome any time Scott. Let me know how it goes! Butchard Gardens is a good choice. Consider going in the late afternoon(if the sun is shining) - I believe they have fireworks each evening.
  9. Thank you all, I am more excited than ever. Right now my wife is in Banf on business. I am going to meet her in Vancouver and then we are going to Victoria.

    I'll take as many pictures as she will let me. She is really very patient but I know that I will have to pay at least as much attention to her as to my camera and lenses.
  10. Welcome Scott to our end of the world. Doesn't look like you have the time but if you do you are welcome up to me and my wife we live in Maple Bay Duncan, about 50 km north of Victoria, Just like Rory says lots of opportunities for photograpy around us. Give us a call if you need any help or info! 1-425-785-5051!

  11. Hi Andreas,

    I am continuously impressed by the small town feeling of companionship and bonding that is inspired by this well attended forum. I certainly appreciate your very kind and generous offer. As you noted we are on a fairly tight schedule as the trip is too short to do everything we would like to do. Certainly the offer would be recipricated if you were to find yourself visiting sunny Southern California.

    I am looking forward to the trip. My wife is a wholesale travel salesperson for Globus/Cosmos so she is going to take me by the hand and tell me where I want to go but any suggestions from those familiar with the area are always welcome.
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