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I'm Having a Really Hard Time..

Discussion in 'People' started by LauraJohnston, May 2, 2007.

  1. with PP. I feel like my eyes aren't working anymore. Haha! So.. please CC this as you see fit. This is Tia from my no make up project.

    NIKON D70s    ---    62mm    f/4.5    1/160s   
  2. I wouldn't do a thing, but I'm sure some of the Masters will have a crack at it. She's beautiful!!!
  3. Okay, I didn't feel like working at the moment, so I decided to play a little... :) 

    All I did was apply Woody's skin technique, and a little sharpening...

  4. thanks. the sharpening was one thing i was wondering about because i felt like i kept going too sharp. but i dont want to use skin technique, because this project is all about women as they naturally are.
  5. where can we get this ''woody's skin technique''

    i'm in the same boat as Laura on this. i really feel like my eyes don't work with PP :) 

  6. I really like your original. The only thing I'd do is sharpen just her irises and her eyelashes - leave the rest. Looks terrific.
  7. Here is another.. Eli, whom you've seen before in my posts. I'm just being really indecisive today when it comes to the 'little' things. But the little things matter.

    NIKON D70s    ---    35mm    f/6.3    1/160s   

  8. Woody's skin technique can be found here...
  9. thanks jetta.

  10. The sharpening technique I use was created by Daniel Diaz, but I can't find a link for it. It may be in the retouching forum at the top...

    It's basically alot of experimenting until your comfortable with the results.

    I understand about the naturally beautiful project, and Woody's tutorial can go as far as you want to take it...from subtle to extreme. I think subtle editing would work best with these images if you're going to do anything...
  11. Yes. I already did a little subtle editing.. I just don't want to make them look "perfect". The thing that was difficult about Tia and sharpening is that her irises are so extravagent already that when you sharpen them they're even more IN YOUR FACE. Haha. anyway, thank you for all the help!
  12. Ottrott's Human

    Ottrott's Human

    May 21, 2006
    Where do you keep coming up with all of these beautiful/interesting women? I lived in Wilmington for years and don't remember it being such a Mecca of talent.

  13. Laura, may I suggest you post this in the Retouching Forum. with "Present company/Talent" excepted,..... its where the Wizards dwell !
  14. sclamb


    Jan 2, 2007
    Whilst I use Woody's skin treatment technique on many images, I would like to say Laura that it is refreshing to see images of women that show them with their natural beauty, which includes the imperfections that we all have.

    Well done you :smile:


    Apr 30, 2005
    It might just be my monitor calibration but....

    * noticeable pink splotches in face.
    * pink colorations near the bottom neck

    Not sure what technique you used for bw conversion.....burn/dodge/sponge/channels or other, but facial skin tones are not continuous. Also found the overall luminosity of the face too 'bright' relative to rest of image.

    Overall, nice composition, expression and framing. She has interesting eyes.

    Hope this isnt too harsh. I have a lot of respect for your artistry :) 


  16. I know I don't have a trained eye like alot of people on here. But I think your pictures are beautiful. The girls are really pretty and their eyes do pop. Why do we always have to ps to make it "perfect" You are very talented as a photographer.

  17. Jetta, I think the eyelashes and eyes themselves may be a bit too sharp. The skin tone is great.

  18. Really? You all would laugh at me for using the monitor I currently use. I want to buy a new computer so I've been saving up.. (a macbook pro!) My monitor is: 1) Not calibrated 2) has icon images burnt into it from no screen saver 3) has an IM text box burnt into it from no screen saver 4) is a bit on the dark side 5) is really old. I would just buy a new monitor, but I think soon I'll be able to get my beloved laptop and this mess will be over with :)  Do the rest of you see pink splotches? That's really weird. I mean, it should be monochrome.........

    PS don't ever worry about being too harsh with me. I do not like BS and I'd rather people just be simply honest even if it's not lemon drops and teddy bears and buckets o sunshine... haha.
  19. Sorry, didn't think about it. I'm very one-track with this site. People people people. Haha :) 
  20. They are everywhere. I wish I was a talent scout. That'd be the coolest job..haha.
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