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Im trying to get into wedding photography/portraits....

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by adio3x, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. adio3x


    Aug 26, 2007
    Im trying to switch it up from my usual photography ( mostly automobiles and landscape) and venture into portraits and weddings. Now what are some lenses that you prefer to use at weddings and portraits?

    I was told a great lense for weddings were the 70-200VR and for portraits a 24-70. Now my budget is around $1800, so i could get one or the other.

    question 1: which lense will help me out in either situation more, the 70-200VR or the 24-70.

    question 2: What are some lenses that you prefer to use in weddings.

    question 3. What are some lesnes that you prefer to use in portraits.

  2. MrCupHolder


    Jul 3, 2008
    Can I just say there's nothing wrong with buying a good used lens.

    That way you may be able to get both and have the best of both worlds.

    I'd suggest pickup a 28-70 and an 80-200 AF-S. See if you can manage to get both used to fit your budget.

    Only reason I suggest the AFS version of the 80-200 is I hate when my 80-200 AF starts hunting during a service. I feel bad enough as it is setting off the shutter let alone the noise of the lens AF hunting.

    I've been asked to shoot a friends wedding in November. I'll be able to tell you then which lens I use more.

    I plan on having the 24-120, 105 DC and 80-200 readily available on the day. May even try and keep the 50 1.8 handy too.

    But that is a little while away yet.
  3. The second body is probably more important than an expensive lens, at least for now. Nothing can ruin your reputation more than having your one and only body fail at the wedding.
    Two flashes at a minimum are a consideration as well.

    The 70-200 works at some weddings and is worthless at others. That's the problem with weddings. No two venues are alike. What you use at one wedding won't work at another. The 70-200 is great for outdoor weddings and well lit churches. But in most dark churches with an evening wedding, it's just too slow. You'll need an 85 f/1.4, 50 1.4 for those situations. You'll also need a mid-range zoom, I use the 28-70 on D 300 because it covers everything from groups to formal portraits. The 70-200 seldom comes out if its an indoor wedding, although now that I have a D700, I expect to use it more.
    I would think selling the Fisheye and getting a fast, short 85mm, such as the 1.8, would give you better service. Consider the Tamron 28-75 f/2.8 if you can't afford a 28-70. But above all, have a second body.
  4. adio3x


    Aug 26, 2007
    O used lenses are totally fine, I just have yet to find either lenses used. I have the second body covered with a d300 and I just picked up a 50mm 1.8 yesterday.
  5. Zorac


    Dec 22, 2007
    Calgary, Canada
    my most used lenses at weddings are me 105vr, the vr is great for shooting in dark churchs and not a bad length for candids from afar, and depending on the wedding either my 18-50/2.8 (sigma) or my 12-24/4. my 80-200, atthough a perfect focal length, looses to the 105 because the lack of vr. the macro capabilities of the 105 also make it perfect for ring shots. ive tried my 30/1.4 for portraits as well, but the lack of a zoom on a rush job, and not really needing the fast ap, makes it reserved for specialty shots.

    kind of funny, the 105, and teh 12-24 i bought thinking i wouldn't use them much, but they turn out being my most used and favorite lenses for a wedding.
  6. Romeo


    May 31, 2008
    TP, IL
    I am in the transition too. Interested to know what others recommend.
  7. And I just so happen to be selling my nice copy of the 17-55 lens. ;) 
  8. truflip


    Jul 28, 2008
    Ottawa, ON
    Rent them instead. Buy whatever you want/like when you're doing weddings more regularly.
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