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iMac quit working

Discussion in 'Apple/Mac' started by bcarroll01, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. bcarroll01


    Jan 18, 2011
    Today when I got home I went to use my computer. I found it was turned off, I then. I turned it on and got a white screen. here is what it looks like.

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    IMG00081-20110412-2223.jpg by bry1865, on Flickr

    It starts to make the progress bar move then goes back to no progress and shuts down.
    I suspected I have a HD was going. Does anyone have a clue of what causes this screen to come up?

    UPDATE: Problem solved by apple store. It was a HD that failed. The parts rundown are Hard Drive 3.5" 500 GB 7200 SATA that is $180.68 and Hardware Repair Level 1 costing $39.00
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  2. Now I haven't had a hard drive problem in many years (several OS ago0 but I used to get a sad Mac face if the startup drive was bad. It never shut down.
  3. bcarroll01


    Jan 18, 2011
    Do you think it would be worth putting in my snow leopard disk and starting it up?
  4. try starting it in safe mode.

    hold down the shift key at start.
  5. bcarroll01


    Jan 18, 2011
    When I start it and hold down the shift key until the spinning wheel comes up right? I tried that and the same screen comes up and then it shuts off.
  6. Patrick


    Jan 14, 2011
    put in your SL install disk, start up holding the D key... should do diagnostics :) ...
  7. To start up into Safe Mode (to Safe Boot), do this:

    Be sure your Mac is shut down.
    Press the power button.
    Immediately after you hear the startup tone, hold the Shift key. The Shift key should be held as soon as possible after the startup tone, but not before the tone.
    Release the Shift key when you see the gray Apple icon and the progress indicator (looks like a spinning gear).
    During startup in Mac OS X v10.4 or later, you will see "Safe Boot" on the login window, which appears even if you normally log in automatically. During startup in Mac OS X v10.2 through v10.3.9, you will see "Safe Boot" on the Mac OS X startup screen.

    To leave Safe Mode, restart the computer normally, without holding any keys during startup.

    Additional Information
    Advanced: If you can't Safe Boot with a keyboard

    If for some reason you can't use the keyboard method to start in Safe Mode (the keyboard is missing or not working, for example), and you already have remote access to the computer, you can configure the computer to startup in Safe Mode via its command line

    Access the command line by either opening Terminal remotely, or by logging into the computer from another via SSH.
    Execute the following command in Terminal or on the command line:

    sudo nvram boot-args="-x"

    (If you want to start in Verbose mode as well, use sudo nvram boot-args="-x -v" instead )

    After using Safe Boot, to return to a normal startup, execute this command in Terminal or the command line:

    sudo nvram boot-args=""
  8. bcarroll01


    Jan 18, 2011
    I just remembered that I already have a disk in and I can't get it to come out.

    I will give that a try when I get home from class. Thanks for all of your help so far.
  9. tenplanescrashing


    Oct 15, 2008
    Hold down the left mouse (or THE mouse) button when booting the machine up. If that doesn't work, there is a greater issue at hand and you'll have to find a way to manually eject that disk because you need to use your system disk for diagnostics.
  10. i would unplug the imac., then unplug all extra usb, firewire, speakers.

    plug back in, using only apple keyboard and mouse start up in safe mode.

    try an external cd/dvd player if this does not work and boot with c key down until the install disc is selected.

    update after you do this.
  11. bcarroll01


    Jan 18, 2011
    Does the apple keyboard need to be wired? I held the shift in like you said and the and the spinning progress wheel has been been spinning for about 20 mins.
  12. if you have a wired one try it.

    if you just say exactly what you have and are doing then help is easier to give help.

    20 mins. is too long.

    do you have an external drive? another mac to connect with firewire?
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 13, 2011
  13. bcarroll01


    Jan 18, 2011
    I have turned it on and listen for the tone and have done exactly what you have said with the shift key. Also some times when I start it up I do not hear a tone coming from it.
    My mom has a macbook and I believe I have a firewire cable laying around.
  14. keyboard:


    imac model:

    any abnormal behavior last few days?:
  15. bcarroll01


    Jan 18, 2011
    No abnormal behavior, The slowness from the past month seems to have been not as bad.

    I found a firewire cable and have a macbook available if needed. I also have a external HD but it is USB.
  16. it could be your ram.

    did you replace it?

    do you have original ram?

    if you did replace it what brand is it?
  17. bcarroll01


    Jan 18, 2011
    I have the original ram installed.
  18. i am real busy today so i won't be on here much.

    i would use target mode and have the macbook tethered to the imac.

    google how to use target mode.

    eject the cd/dvd and put in the install disk, disconnect from macbook and try to restart with install disk, use disk utility and repair disk, then repair permissions.

    good luck.
  19. i remember who you are now.

    your computer was slow and you did not have the time to change the hard drive or something like that.

    well, it looks like you waited a bit too long to replace that hard drive.
  20. bcarroll01


    Jan 18, 2011
    Yeah I had no choice. I have had tests and big assignments due every week. I am hoping that time machine will save most of my data.
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