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Image Resolution for Use with Digital Projector

Discussion in 'Printers, Monitors, and Color Management' started by Mike Buckley, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. Question #1
    My understanding is that if I connect a computer to a digital projector, the projector is projecting the image of the computer monitor as opposed to the file itself. That being the case, my understanding is that there is no benefit to using a resolution higher than 72 ppi. Am I correct about that?

    Question #2
    If I insert a USB flash drive directly into a digital projector, will the image quality be better at resolutions higher than 72 ppi? If so, what is the recommended resolution?

    Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. the_traveler


    Mar 22, 2007
    Manhattan, NY
    Lewis Lorton
    Projectors have a specific resolution.
    Read the manual.
  3. Lew, I haven't decided what projector to purchase. Moreover, I will be showing my images on projectors other than my own. So, I'm wondering if there is a relatively safe guideline that I can use regarding the resolution that will apply across the board to most if not all projectors.
  4. My photo club has a projector (and previously, a different one) with a specific max frame size (i.e. X pixels high, Y pixels wide). I think max height is 1400pix and max width is 1040 pix. Depending on whether your shot is landscape or portrait orientation, you choose the correct size (and the other dimension is done by your editing program, based on ratio chosen).

    Photos are shown via tethering to a laptop. They are shown from the file, and if the file is incorrectly sized, then only a portion of the photo shows (think: 100% or greater zoom, in PS .... you only see part). Photos are left at max resolution, but must be converted to sRGB color space.
  5. That's very helpful, Gretchen. I gather from you that, depending on the software or firmware that ships with a given projector, I might need to know the frame size of the projector.

    I just spoke with a friend who will be showing my images on his projector tethered to his laptop. He is confident that his projector only shows whatever appears on the laptop's monitor. He says it does not project the file itself.
  6. I know our new projector is Canon (I suspect the previous one was too, but not positive). It's an ~ $3k model, if that helps. There is software on the computer that is used for the viewing.......I'm trying to remember what (it's more a photo organizer, than specific projector software....something free (I think) and has been mentioned here before, though is one of the more obscure programs......I'm being really helpful, eh?!)

    My assumption was that each project has a max size, but I'm really not that knowledgable, just a poor assumption made based on my vast experience of 2 projectors at photo club. :tongue:
  7. the_traveler


    Mar 22, 2007
    Manhattan, NY
    Lewis Lorton
    On my laptop the projector plugs into the connection for an external monitor and I cannot see anything on the projector that isn't seem on the lcd screen.

    When using the projector for display I always size the files to be projected to fit the screen at 100%, thus I don't have to worry about any changes induced by the software resizing the image.

  8. Yes, on he previous projector, files were automatically resized (if needed), and not always kindly so.
  9. Very helpful information, everyone! Please keep the ideas coming!
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