Imaging USA-Phoenix, AZ...Anyone going?

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    I've decided to take a lone flight(my wife would rather watch grass grow)out from Philadelphia to have a fun and really informative week. As an ispiring pro, there are a few seminars that sound great. It would be cool to meet up with a few Cafe members while I'm out there.
  2. ghursh


    Jul 3, 2007
    Gilbert, AZ
    live there... look us up when your in town
  3. I'm a new PPA member and got an offer to attend for free, so I am considering it. I am sure it would be very informative and a great learning experience.

    The only downside is finding a good cheap flight and hotel in the area.
  4. I had just done a quick search on priceline for round trip airfare and hotel from 1/7-1/13 and came up with a lot of listings within the $700 mark, and a few within the $500. I'm sure the less you pay, the further you are from downtown Phoenix, so I've got to do a bit more hunting and book within the next month or two so that price stays as low as possible.

    May I ask your position as a photographer? Pro, semi-pro or aspiring? I only found the link to Imaging from considering joining the PPA and browsing their site. How has joining helped you thus far, and what caused you to join initially? I was actually going to post a thread about the PPA soon, but I appreciate the insight.
  5. Yeah, but my wife would want to come along which doubles the price, and she will only stay at hotels like the Four Seasons :rolleyes:

    I would call myself a semi-pro... I do shoots for money (mostly portraits and headshots), but it is still a part time gig.

    I joined the PPA for a couple of reasons: networking with other PPA members, to get listed on their "find a photographer" site, and to give myself some professional credentials. I also liked getting the malpractice insurance and the copyright/legal assistance.