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Discussion in 'Studio Equipment and Lighting' started by Catz, Jun 3, 2005.

  1. I solved my problem with the strobes. I know this is not a people portrait but I wanted to try the D2X in the studio to see how it does and chose a colorful charactor.

    Any critiques would be helpful.

    Hope this makes you smile :)

    Thank you,

  2. Well I gotta tell ya it aint what I expected. BUT very nice exposure, looks like you are working thru the bugs that were bothering you. You have a GREAT camera in your grasp and it looks like your grasp is strong.
  3. Oh Dave, I'm sorry that you were disappointed probably of the subject. I promise in the near future, I will take some of live people. I hope it made you smile anyway.

    Thanks for the compliment and what can I say, other than, I LOVE this camera!!!

    BTW, have you posted any photos from the Chicateague trip yet? I would love to see them since I missed it.
  4. Yes I posted a few. I will try and find the links for you.
  5. Wossname

    Wossname Guest

    Hi Catz

    The lighting and pose are really nice, but I would consider using the healing tool to hide some of the blemishes on the skin. You know how precious models can be sometimes :)


  6. Neil and others.

    Take a look on d2xstasy forum. I posted a portrait of a little girl who wanted to act silly so she did this pose that makes me laugh.

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