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In Littleton, MA...what to do...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dave, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. Dave


    Feb 7, 2007
    Suwanee, GA
    Well I'm up in Littleton this weekend to move one of our corporate offices to a new location. We flew in last night and we're doing the move this evening, and it looks like things are going good right now so we will probably be finished with everything tonight. Therefore it looks like I have the weekend to find something to do as we have to be here on Monday to help resolve any problems that might occur.

    So, what should me and my co-workers do this weekend? Unfortunately it's raining cats and dogs outside so any outdoor activities will probably be canceled at least for today and tomorrow. Anything else though, let me know your ideas.
  2. kenyee


    Jan 12, 2008
    Boston, PRofMA
    Condolences on the remote location..LOL :) 
    If you want to test your taste buds, head to Billerica for a restaurant called Sichuan Gourmet. I can't imagine you guys would have good chinese food down in GA, let alone spicy szechuan food. Just remember to let them know that hot is good. You'll be amazed at all the flavors you've never had :) 
  3. leahp26


    Apr 28, 2008
    Southern NH
    You're about 42 miles from Boston so I'm assuming that's where you'll head.

    I would second the Zakim bridge if there's a break in the rain - it's lit up in beautiful blue light during the evening.

    You could do a little Nikon shopping at http://www.eplevine.com/, there's also a Calumet in Cambridge (opposite the big mall Cambridgeside Galleria). If you are at Calumet there is an amazing Afghanistan restaurant (seriously - it's really good) called Helmand just across the street.

    You could eat some lobster - Legal Seafood is a well known restaurant group and the lobsters are consistent.

    I kind of like the Aquarium (and it's out of the rain), there's also a huge IMAX theatre next door.

    A good place for a fun evening with co-workers is Jillians. It's a sports bar but on a HUGE scale http://www.jilliansboston.com/ it's just across from Fenway park, home of the Red Sox.

    Have a fun weekend!

    www.boston.com will also give you a good run down on local events this weekend
  4. If it's food you want.

    FireFly's is very good. The Marlboro location is down 495 from where you are.
  5. I second Firefly's - I lived in Marlboro for a year and it was a regular spot. Many varieties of BBQ and different sauces.
  6. pirahnah3


    Feb 22, 2008
    fireflys is great, i live over in worcester and love the food there. You can if you want to drive a bit head down to oxford for breakfast some morning at a palce called Carls, im sure most of the central MA peole here can tell you about it, its nothing fancy at all, but ohhh man the food is great and the portions are HUGE.
  7. You could drop down Rte 2 to the Concord/Lexington area and grab one of the trolley rides. $20/pp, 90min ride TONS of history. Trees are starting to turn in the towns too. You'll probably have a nice view, even if rainy.
  8. pirahnah3


    Feb 22, 2008
    very good point!
  9. You're about 5 mins from Kimball's. Tomorrow starting @ 9AM, a local radio station, 105.7 is having a huge tag sale, all under tents, may be fun people watching. Plus, the homemade ice cream is awesome.

    The Berklee Jazz Festival is scheduled for tomorrow from 12-6, but weather intrudes.

    You're very close to Lowell, neat old mill town w/ some great ethnic food 'hoods, esp Cambodian.

    WhoFish is a good local listing site, along w/ boston.com.

    There's the Marshmallow Fluff festival in Somerville, and Davis Square near Tufts is a funky area; nothing beats Harvard Sq for people watching. Unfortunately Bartley's Burger Cottage had a grease fire (duh, surprised?) last week and may still be closed this weekend.

    Other good 'Que is Redbones or East Coast Grill, down in the Cambridge/Somerville area.

    If you want a good steak, not fancy decor, cheap compared to a Morton's, and a fun experience, head over to the Hill Top steakhouse in Saugus on Rte. 1. Lots of other things to see and do en route.

    Or the North End of Boston is the big Italian area. Pizzeria Regina (original) is very good. Long lines @ dinner. Fancier eating, a personal fave is LoConte's. The tourist trap for cannoli is Mike's Pastry, but there are other good spots on Hanover St, the main drag. The South End (not Southie) has great bistros and restaurants. The Jazz festival is on the fringes of the South End. Kenmore Sq is the big club/party area, right outside Fenway Park. They may be able to play tmrw, or perhaps a doubleheader on Sunday. Go to the ticket window a couple of hours before game time, or pay the exorbitant scalpers outside.

    Oh, almost forgot, a Yosuf Karsh exhibit is at the Mus of Fine Arts.
  10. In Summerville? Shouldn't this be in Lynn?
  11. leahp26


    Apr 28, 2008
    Southern NH
    +1 for Kimball's farm in Westford (proposed by Chris) if you get a break in the rain

    Black raspberry ice cream is delicious and bumper boats to boot!
  12. Rainy Day

    Hi Dave,

    About an hour south of Littleton is Foxboro and the new Patriot Place next to the New England Patriots' stadium. There is a Bass Pro Shop, Eastern Mountain Sports and a Patriots Pro Shop and a bunch of other stores. Might not be a bad place to pass a few rainy hours. Of course, you could go 15 minutes further south and take in a Harvard vs Brown football game at Brown.

  13. Good idea, there's a new nightclub called Showcase Live, Doesn't appear to be anything on Sat, but Sun is Little Feat.

    Patriot Place

    And how could I forget the Belgian Beer Festival....bummer, it looks sold out. But the Publick House in Brookline is an awesome place to go for 'beahs'.
  14. Naw, it's where it was invented vs. manufactured.

    Ooops, already postponed until Sunday...it's "supposed" to clear up about noon...
  15. Still says Lynn on the package or at least the one in my kitchen does.
  16. of course, that's where it's made and the company offices are located.
  17. OK I'm tired (or it could be the Rum:wink:) , I read what you were saying the other way around.
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