In Search of the Perfect Poppy

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  1. California poppies have such intense color. It's often hard to get a good exposure. This one, which I call" unfurled", comes pretty close to being a perfect poppy.


    I also liked this one of the Cape Weed flower. Yes, it grows like a weed. and gets pretty natty after a while. That's why I call this image in "random" order".


    We are also having an influx of butterflies of this variety.

    All were taken with the 70-200 VR.

    aka beaucamera
  2. Virginia, these are all great shots, but you're right... I little bit saturated in color and strong on light...
    Try to shoot them at shadow and not direct sunlight! :wink:
    I mostly find myself shoot at direct sunlight -which is more than plenty over here- but have started to look for shadows -or late light- for my close-ups. 8)
  3. Iris in the Shade.

    Well, Panos, here is another I did today. This one was difficult too, but it was in the shade.


    aka beaucamera
  4. Re: Iris in the Shade.

    Wow!!! :shock: far out, totally diferent color saturation and detail! 8)
    I like that, don't you? :wink:
  5. GeeJay


    Jan 26, 2005
    The blue flower is my favorite.. very nice and now I'll look for shade and shadows with macros this coming summer.

    Do you ever use a ring flash?

    I go to northern Michigan in the summer and there are beautiful flower farms there. I will go and get ten days worth of macro flower shots. It helps me to see as many as I can now and to learn from the posts on this forum.

    Very nice shots and know you enjoyed doing them. Did you use the Canon D500 closeup lens on the 70-200VR lens? Just curious about how you got the closeups..

    Thanks and best to you,

  6. Lovely images, like the color on the poppy. The blue flower is really nice.
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