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In Support Of The Nikon Café

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by greyflash, May 9, 2007.

  1. Every six months or so I consider my support of the Nikon Café and make a donation. I have enjoyed the Café since its inception several years ago. It is a friendly place and one that I come to in order to learn and grow as a photographer. I enjoy my interface with other members and the clutter free, no advertising that is here. It gives me an opportunity to share some of my photographs and hopefully share what little talent I have with others.

    We have many new members over the past year and some of them may not realize that the Café exists solely on the support of the membership and the generosity of the founders, Patrick Bramlet and Frank Wilson. The bandwidth that we utilize and the hardware is not free. I know that Patrick and Frank appreciate the support that the Café has realized over the years but let's not any of us forget that the expense of running this site is ongoing. I hope that those of you who have not made a donation recently will consider doing so today or in the near future.

    For those with PayPal, it is as simple as clicking on the red "donate" button at the top of the home page. For those without PayPal, a check or MO directly to Patrick Bramlett would be the way to go. Neither Patrick or Frank has asked that I compose this post but I do know that the funds are needed and encourage you to be generous in making a contribution. I love this place and those who frequent it.
  2. I'll second that sentiment, Gordon. I belong to other camera forums, but this one just feels more like "home" to me. I just donated recently, but am planning on making it a regular habit. Thanks for the reminder.
  3. Thanks Shaun, I am certain that Patrick appreciated your donation.
  4. Completely agree with this post and I believe this site is a worthwhile place to put your donations if you value having a family safe place to come to gather a wealth of information about photography.
  5. Glacier


    Jan 17, 2006
    Boaz, Alabama
    Thanks for the reminder. I just sent mine in.
  6. Thanks, we work hard to keep it that way.

    I am certain that it will be much appreciated.
  7. Thanks for the reminder just put in my $.
    Sometime you have to be reminded if you want a site without popups and spam you have to kick in a few to keep it that way.
    Now I just have to remember what card my account is tied to 8-(
  8. Caps and Patches.

    Don't forget about the Caps and Patches.

    I just purchased a Nikon Cafe' cap just a while ago.

  9. Another donation is on its way. Thanks for the reminder and, more importantly, thanks for this great community.
  10. PGB


    Jan 25, 2005
    Thank you everyone for your support. Its greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks and regards to you and yours,
  11. Done like Dinner:biggrin:
    I really enjoy the cafe and will help support it in anyway I can!! A big thank-you goes to everyone on here you are all so supportive. You help keep my dream alive!!

  12. billg71


    May 4, 2007
    Atlanta, GA
    Thanks for the reminder! TAANSTAAFL! ...Just made my contribution.

  13. That is great to see you all responding to this little reminder. My thanks to all of you.
  14. LisaR

    LisaR Guest

    Being a newbie here, I didn't know how to make a donation. I don't have a Paypal account, but would be more than happy to send a money order to Patrick (or Frank). I guess the best way would be to PM Patrick to get mailing instructions .... or is it listed somewhere here in the FAQ's??
  15. Leigh


    Feb 19, 2005

    Money orders and checks can be mailed to:

    c/o GigaParts, Inc.
    PO Box 11367
    Huntsville, Alabama 35814

    A hearty thank you to everyone who participates, as well as to those who donate to keep this place going.
  16. LisaR

    LisaR Guest

    Thanks Leigh! The next time I'm at the post office, I'll get a money order and send it to you. Give me a few days, with postage going up on Monday, I think that place will be a tad busy for the next couple of days!
  17. Thanks Lisa, that is great.
  18. PGB


    Jan 25, 2005
    I'd like to take the opportunity to publically thank all of you who have shown your support to the cafe. Not only this time but in previous times. Its greatly appreciated.

    I've sent emails to each of you with a personalized note but I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you here as well.

    On behalf of the entire cafe,

    Thanks and regards to you and yours,
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