In The Beginning....

Discussion in 'Birds' started by Doug Barber, Feb 6, 2005.

  1. All birds need to start some place....
    With all the good bird shooters around here I think I will stick to ones that don't move very much.
  2. Doug,

    Has this one fallen from a nest and on the ground or in some very heavily built nest?

  3. HI Doug............

    Nice to see that creativity never stops :lol:
    Nicely done and great utilization of natural light, like it!!

  4. great shot, great composition. As always Doug, first class.
  5. Hi Doug,

    Nice composition and nice lighting as usual. I love the framing too.
  6. You have a knack Doug that many of us can just aspire to. Well thought out, composed and presented. Thank you for sharing this image.
  7. Sweet

    Very well composed and presented shot great lighting....
  8. Thanks all for your kind words....
    Hope no one minds me thanking (all) at once as I just felt it would save a lot of bandwidth.
    Thanks again :lol:
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