In the garden at night

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  1. Inspired by the wonderful macro work seen right here in this forum, I carried a camera with a 105 micro and an extension tube out back, to see if I could find a critter or two.

    The first thing I found was a large slug working its way across some gravel. Using a flashlight so I could focus, I spent a while taking shots of the creature. Interesting enough, but nothing special.

    Then I looked at one image I had dismissed as the slug had retracted its eye stalks because of the flashlight. Good thing I did, as the only really interesting photo of the set was found.


    As you can see, my translucent subject has a little friend. Here is a full crop.


    I went over the rest of the images and found a few more. I suppose some sort of slug mite?



    I get all itchy looking at small animals. I once worked as a lab grunt for the Department of Agriculture in a field lab that studied ways to fight the mighty Gypsy Moth, an insect that has caused much trouble on the East coast of the US. I spent many many hours looking at various insects through microscopes and handling large quantities of insects we raised to do battle with the Gypsy Moth. Eeek.
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  2. Slugs are the bane of gardners so I am glad to see that they have there problems as well. Good captures.
  3. drueter


    Apr 24, 2005
    Southeast Texas
    Interesting shots, Beezle! Good captures!
  4. Beezle -

    Good scientific eye to discover those creatures!

    As someone who's just getting over chigger bites after last week's photo venture into a wild sunflower field, I "get itchy" seeing those critters too . . .

  5. Beezle,

    Nice capture! Neat to get both the eye stocks and the mite both in focus. It would be interesting to know if the mites are harmful or helpful for the slugs.
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