In the shadow of my mind 2

Discussion in 'People' started by Gilles, Jun 25, 2005.

  1. In the snow, nikon f2 55 f3.5 micro-nikkor


    In the street during a holiday Leica M4-2 50 f2 summicron


    In the sky over a roof nikon f2 nikkor 105 f2.5


    In the grass nikon f2 nikkor 105 f2.5


    In the old Montréal not sure 4x5 or 120 mm camera

  2. Really nice B&W pictures Gilles. I don't know why but the #1 gives me a nostalgic feeling (may be because of the man silhouette). I like the artist and the dog looking in the same directiion in #2. Thank for sharing.
  3. I like B&W for the subjects you have chosen. I do feel that #2 is too contrasty.
  4. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    Those are VERY cool Gilles! Film is always (well, for me at least) so full of surprises! These are no exception. Are these current? they look like they're from the 70s!
  5. Dao Dang dont forget the small dog in her back that's watching me.

    Gordon this is too contrasty and you can see on the upper part some reflection of the light, those are copies of photos taken with my 5700, but I must say that the details are more stricking in the copy than the original.

    Chris those were taken in late 70's to early 80's, with the kind of picture you take I would see you using Kodak Technical pan an extraordinary film for people who can tame the tonalities.
  6. Hippies time. Love and peace. What's a great period. :!:
  7. I like these....very cool!! :D :D :D
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