India - People at work 1-5

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  1. Here are a few of Indians at work. Ladies first!



    Gas jockey


    Spice seller, Kalimpong. I'm still using the Cardamom


    Washer-woman, Varanasi


    Collecting firewood, Nainital. Just walking up the hills at the high altitude was tough.


    Keeping the street clean Haze is smoke from local brick kilns.

  2. Good pictures Larry. India provides great opportunities to a street photographer. I like the #2. I am sure that you would have captured many more during your visit
  3. Samer


    Sep 19, 2006
    Jupiter, FL
    Thanks for sharing these Larry. I like # 2 and # 3. Although, I might try a tighter crop for number 3.

    I've looked at the series a couple of times and I keep thinking that something is missing. As an observer, I'm wondering how they'd look with a shallower DOF. They might have awesome impact. I looked at the exif and it seems you used a slower zoom. So that couldn't have been accomplished with what you used.
  4. Tanks, CCROY and Samer for the comments.

    The D200 is my first digital camera. I purchased an 18-200 with it and I had only a couple of weeks with them before I went to India on what was primarily a birding trip. I had no other lens with me because I wanted to travel as light as possible. I tended to stop down a bit when I could due to the softness of this lens wide open.

    I had not taken many people pictures before, so this aspect of photography was new to me.

    I'm also new to Photoshop, but perhaps I can learn to do some subject isolation in post.



    p.s. More photos tomorrow
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