Indian siesta images from Punjab Phagwara

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  1. Siesta is very important for the well being of people. In India it is part of the culture.
    A poem that has won the first prize in the All-India Poetry Competition (1993)

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    All images shot with D200 & Nikkor AF 80-200mm f/2.8D ED N

    During Siesta -around noon, right after lunch- people take a nap wherever they are.
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    Some people prefer to read
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    Chat with friends
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    Or just take a rest at work
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  2. I was asked by a PM, how long I stayed in India... Well I was there for 29 days and honestly, I wouldn't mind staying for a year or more!

    I am definitely going back though! :wink:
  3. Another wonderful set, Panos. I probably won't visit India in the coming future so thanks for the photo tour.
  4. Thank you Phil :smile: I probably visit India again in 2009, right after my China adventure in 2008 :wink:
  5. Also a nice and interesting series. Reading after lunch? Impressive! Guess I would be rather the nap taking one. :rolleyes:
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