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Indian Taxi Drivers - Punjab Phagwara

Discussion in 'Wanderlust and Travel' started by Panos Kazanelis, May 3, 2007.

  1. Rickshaws (or rickshas) are a mode of human-powered transport: a runner draws a two-wheeled cart which seats one or two persons.
    The word rickshaw came from Asia where they were mainly used as means of transportation for the social elite. However, in more recent
    times rickshaws have been outlawed in many countries in Asia due to numerous accidents.

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  2. Let us not forget the Auto Rickshaws :smile:

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  3. BryanSpeed


    Feb 20, 2007
    N. Texas
    Nice, Images from India are some of my favorties to see. It's quite a place of contrasting society.
  4. Great photographs.
    India is one of two choices for next year's travels.
    I love the exhaust pipes terminating just in front of the opening for the motorized rickshas!:tongue: Wonder how that affects repeat business LOL.

  5. Tim, since you like India that much, you should plan a trip there. It's an amazing country with wonderful photo opportunities. :smile:

    Thanks Michael, feel free to share your time-table and we might get together :wink:
  6. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Very nice images Panos.
  7. Very nice.

    I could stand to do that job for a few years.
  8. Nice series. Had a closer look at #1. Uh-oh, that thing only has one break at the front wheel which looks a bit homegrown to me.. :Crunk:

    Only with the strong brakes of my mountain bikes I could barely escape two accidents with cars in Berlin's city traffic (these a***holes just don't look when they turn right :mad: , oh and one actually hit me, but only slightly luckily). And I always had the impression the traffic in India is much more crowded...
  9. Daniel

    That rickshaw has 2 red brakes on either side in the front wheel. Normally they have also a lever between the driver’s seat and the handlebar that control the brakes on the rear wheel but I am not sure that this one has that. BTW, much more crowded is an understatement. I have driven in NY city traffic without any probelms or apprehension (actually I loved going one on one with the unruly cabs) but refuse to drive in Delhi even though I still have an Indian driver's license.


    What lenses did you use in India? I may be going there later this year for a very short visit and do not want to carry more than 2 lenses and one dslr.

  10. Hope you're right, just couldn't find them on the picture.
  11. Hi Panos...

    Great images.

    anyway ... as far as I know the word rickshaw actually came from a Japanese word Jitensha(means.. Cycle). I suppose they used this word for those kind of vehicle which are used to be pulled by man. But nowadays you can hardly see any rickshaw around here. Sometimes you can see them in Akihabara, just for product promotional purpose.
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