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  1. Hi,

    From my trip to Ooty (India).

    A small narration around this shoot:
    Kids there were smearing cow-dung onto stones. After shootng them from a distance, when I called them to show them their photos, they rushed to me & out of exitement (unknowingly) smeared cow-dung on my shirt, camera, lens !

    I never realised any of these untill finally I was packing the huge equipment that I was carrying (huge tripod with heavy 500mm lens; yes, I shot these pics @ 500mm focal length !!! actually I was shooting birds around the place when I saw these kids playing).

    But the whole incident (of dung all over me and my camera) never made me angry or sad or disappointed. The innocence on their faces gave me that immense a joy that the dung matter looked absolutely trivial. I walked back to my tent happily.


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  2. joepilot


    Mar 21, 2007
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    Or is it Innocence lost to substandard living conditions ? Great shot , Joe
  3. bob swanson

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  4. Probably because they don't have any chalk or crayons. :Unsure:
  5. Bob,

    The rural areas of India use dry wood and dung (dried in forms of small round cakes). They form very good source/fuel for fire.

    I have more pictures; shall post them soon...

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