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Insane price discrepancies

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mindspan, May 21, 2007.

  1. I am looking at moving away from strobes and going to continuous light so I was investigating some Photoflex products. I get great service from my local Henry's store here in Canada and try to buy there whenever I can; however, when comparing prices on gear they aren't even close to their US counterparts.

    For example, the Photoflex Starlight Medium Kit sells at Adorama for $429.95 while at Henry's it's listed at $1399.99!@%#! CAD. That's almost $1000 difference!

    This is just ridiculous. As of this posting, our dollar is worth $0.921822 US, so this disparity can't be explained away by currency issues. While I understand our markets are different, pricing should be at least within reason when taking this factor as well as exchange rate into account.

    Another example: Nikon 500f4 for instance sells for $6,799.95 at B&H while at Henry's it lists for $8099.99!! Can anyone tell me why on earth I would ever pay another $723.34 after exchange rate just because I am buying this in Canada?

    I would love to buy more from my local camera store and would happily pay a little more to do so, but with these types of prices there's just no way.
  2. Is there any import tax levied on the dealers? Not sure.
  3. Well given the items, if they are manufactured in the United States are covered by NAFTA and otherwise should be subject to similar duties to what you folks pay down there, I doubt this is the primary factor.
  4. Could it be old stock that they bought when there was a bigger spread on the dollar? Watch excise tax and so on you may get nailed on that too because you may have to pay tax on the item based on its cdn value.
  5. They actually don't have it in stock... this is a special order price. At this point I am thinking I might investigate the used market for my lighting needs actually. The main point of my post however is not my needs, but the disparity between US and Canadian retail prices on identical items.

    I can understand and accept that the price is going to be higher, but not to such a degree that it would actually be cheaper for me to drive to the States and back and pay tax and duties at the border. That's the ridiculous part.
  6. That's typical and I hear you loud and clear. Unfortunately, Henry's is the higher priced place in Ottawa when comparing to Galaxy Camera. I buy more stuff from Galaxy than Henry's because of this. I can't wait for them to open their new store closer to Henry's on Bank/James.
  7. Julien


    Jul 28, 2006
    Paris, France
    It's the same thing when buying in Europe. The 10.5 that I want sells for around $1000 ( give or take ) while in the US it's more like $590 ... :actions1:
  8. Glad to see another Ottawa resident here at the Cafe :smile:

    Wonder how many others we have...I'll have to check out Galaxy when they open their new location.

    I would however prefer to deal with Henry's due to the excellent service they have given me over the years (not all of Henry's, just one person who I always deal with there... I've had many sales people there suck enough to just wait for my rep to be available, and I drive all the way to Orleans from downtown to do it) -- but frankly the service just isn't worth the extreme price differential.
  9. Hey, Goofball, Mindspan. The wife and I will be in Ottawa the 10-12th of June. Are either of you available for a mini-get-together and doing some shooting?

  10. Sounds good to me... are you coming to do some sight-seeing?
  11. I've noticed the same thing on Lenses, its not just lighting, Its not duties either, as Camera's are exempt from any Extra Duties, It just seems the Company treats Canada and the US as 2 different markets (and prices accordingly)

    Sigma Lenses especially uncommon ones like the 30mm f1.4, 20, 24 and 28mm f1.8 Are all about 40% more expensive in Canada than the States (after factoring in the exchange rate)

    It probably is the fact that they sell less in Canada, and therefore just bring up less and charge more, If all the manufactureres did this, then they would sell less, but per item would make more (Act more like a monopoly) This makes sense especially considering the extra shipping costs and smaller population Canada poses to them, So it doesn't suprise me actually.

    In fact its smart if there is no Arbitrage (which there is, but some people are willing to pay extra for new, or for a warranty)

    I tried to buy new up here, but most of the time I get frustrated and just buy from a Nikoncafe member.
    $1299 CAD for a new Sigma 70-200 (after tax over 1500) Or for 33% less, I got a Nikon 80-200 F2.8 af-s Used, with a 77mm UV filter and a replacement Tripod foot (which is awesome BTW)
    Certainly made my decision easy...
  12. Yes, it's our second summer holiday to Canada. We went to Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City in 2005. We spent the bulk of our time in central Ottawa the last time, maybe we can go further afield...into Quebec? We have a B&B in downtown Ottawa.

  13. I live in downtown Ottawa -- which B&B are you going to be staying at? There's lots of great places to take photos in the area.
  14. That'd be nice, not sure of the schedule but I'll doublecheck it and see.
  15. Let's do this via pm. Sorry folks for the hijack.

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