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Inspired by Flew.....a tribute....a trip to the Duck Pond...

Discussion in 'Birds' started by Retief, Apr 27, 2005.

  1. Heard about this little pond a couple of miles from work, yet another of the Yuppie Urban Parks here in Seattle called Golden Gardens.

    American Widgeon saying "Hi, Flew :!: ":
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    Male RRWB, 'I'm Calling You--oo--oo--ooo":
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    Muskrat Love, "Bringing Home the Bacon, err, Salad":
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    American Widgeon, exhibiting the same problem we have with People:
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    Even birds close their eyes at the wrong time......

    Blue-Winged Teal - ID help please?
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    Looking at Sibley's the head looks correct, but the body seems to light. Could this perhaps be a Pintail?

    Takeoff #1:
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    Takeoff #2:
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    This park is adjacent to Puget Sound, hence lot's of Sea Gulls...

    And last, but by no means least, a special one for Frank...

    "Hasta La Vista, Babeeeee....Out of Here".....
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  2. some nice sharp images there Bill! Glad to see you thawed out and have some wildlife moving about :D 
  3. Nice Bill love the first takeoff shot all of your shots are so sharp and crisp
  4. Very nice images Bill. We have so many good bird photographers it is hard to keep you all seperated. My favorite of your shots is the blue winged teal (or whatever it is). Good job.
  5. Nice shots Bill! :D  :D  :D 
  6. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005

    What can I say -- I'm glad that my meager submissions have inspired you to get out and shoot those wonderful little (and not so little....;-)) birdies. Now you've inspired me (and hopefully Patrick) to get out and do the same this afternoon. :) 

    Nice pics and cute captions. I really like posts that present an entertaining story. I definitely feel like I was right there with you as you shot these boys and girls. 8)

    Now, if you could just figure out a way to get to Merritt a week earlier. :?


  7. Replies from the bottom up....

    First of all, thank you all for the comments.

    Frank, in all seriousness we, me mostly, often forgets these "close-in" places and how interesting they can be. It is rather sad that I have to kick myself in the butt all the time to remember I don't have to drive 200 miles and then walk 20 miles to find interesting things to photograph. Thanks very much for comment on the captions. I am trying to learn to add this, telling a little story on the way. When you look at postings by folks like Doug Barber and Peter Bendheim for example you get a real sense of "story". Also, it is fun to do and it helps me remember what was going on and what I was thinking. If I was smart I'd use the Voice Annotation feature on the D2H to make it even better.

    Frank and Harris, as to coming to Florida, why don't we split the difference? Frank stays through the week, I show up on the 10th and Harris takes that day off. Piece of cake, eh???? :wink:

    Bryan, thanks, now if I can just be sure of what kind of bird that one is, where is Janet when we need here? Oh, yeah, Italy :lol:

    Gordon, thank you very much, I'm not sure where I belong in that august group, but I can sure tell you that I learn a ton from all of you folks here at the Cafe. And even at my ripe old age, by the way how come none of you wished me a happy Double-Nickle B'day a week ago Monday I'm so hurt, there is far more to learn than I will ever have time to learn. But the day I quit learning is the day I die. It is so hard to decide which images I like the best. That particular image I really like more because of the combination of the bird, water and the background. I just seemed to catch them all together, which often takes cooperation of the subject :wink: . Thanks.

    Mike, the "sharp and crisp" part often surprises me. I think it is a combination of watching many others, folks like Ron Reznick who is just awesome in the "steadiness" category, as well as old rifle shooting technique. Throw in a good dose of "blind luck" and good things happen. On the takeoff shots, I had the 1.4 TC still on. It would have been better, all the wings in, had I not had the TC mounted at the time or if I had "sneaker zoomed" backward 10 feet or so. The problem with the latter is that I would have backed into the water :oops:  . What I really like about that shot is the shadow of the right wing of the Gull displayed on the left wing. Not sure why I like that, but I do. Thanks,

    Harris, the weather has been getting quite nice here. My biggest problem has been getting my butt back outdoors. The Indoor stuff has just consumed me. What is really cool is that we are now getting Red and Golden Finches to our backyard feeder, my wife is really happy. Had 7 of them there last night. Now I need to add some natural perches so I can set up and shoot them out our back door. Can't wait to get down your way in June. From there we are off to SoCal before coming back here, so it should be a "nice weather trip" all around. I think I'll get the OK to photograph for 1 day on each coast, something about it being a "family vacation" :lol: . You folks ought to come out our way in October when I go out to photograph the Humpback Whales......
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