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  1. I had not seen this linked on the Cafe.

    An intersting article on what it takes to "properly" focus a camera for lens testing. Makes me wonder how many folks are wasting thier time agonizing over small amounts of back or front focus ...

    Fallibility of Focus
  2. Interesting indeed. Will have to read it again when I have time and brain to digest it better. Thanks for the heads-up Bill.
  3. This is enough to make you want to give up photography and take up drinking. just think we could all mount different beer bottles in place of our expensive lenses and then see whose BIFs make it to the forum.....TeeHee!

  4. I think the "fallibility" here is that he is using Canon lenses for his testing. hehe...
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    Jan 3, 2008
  6. LOL. But then we would be discussing the merits of brown vs green vs clear beer bottles:smile: