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Interesting preview of the D200

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Scott Sherman, Nov 24, 2005.

  1. Ken-L

    Ken-L Guest

    Thanks, interesting review, very detailed.
  2. dbirdsong

    dbirdsong Guest

    That was a interesting read... Thanks for posting the link.
  3. nice preview, although really it offers little to no new info.
    I find phil's preview at DPReview to be more helpful (the full menu runthrough let me create a 5 page settings list)
  4. It had a few things I havn't seen. I found it interesting to see the 200 with battery pack next to the 2x for a visual comparison for example. I just figured that people are so hungry for 200 info right now any little tidbit helps
  5. Oh dear. Having read that is looks as though one or other of my bodies has to go. I am loathe to part with the D2H so it could be the D70. Gulp!!

    Bob F.
  6. One interesting thing is with the optional battery pack, it's actually bigger than the D2X.
  7. Thanks for the post Scott!

  8. Thanks for the pointer, I had not see that one, and I like it. This link has the best explanation I have seen regarding the CAM-1000 focusing module, and from reading this I can now see how this could easily be closer to focusing with the D2H(s)/D2X than the D70, the name notwithstanding. The only concern I have is 5 fps vs. 8 fps. I will test this with my D2H to see if it does matter to me, I'm thinking more and more that it may not.

    The D200 I have on order will replace my D70 for one more reason I would add to his list. Compatibility of controls. I did a quick "grab shot" of a bird in my backyard yesterday and had not noticed that the mode dial on the D70, which was quickest to hand, had rotated to P. Luckily the combo worked out. The D200 controls are much more similar to the other D2 cameras.

    Does anyone know where the White Balance sensor is on the D200? They must have it somewhere new with the flip-up flash.

    Here is one other link that I find to have some pretty comprehensive info, you just have to get past the Nikon Rah-Rah bits :smile:

    For me, personally, I am hoping that the focus, aquisition and 5fps are sufficient for me, as I could REALLY use the extra MP's for the subjects I most often shoot, which don't have the decency to be "up close and personal" :wink: .

    Thanks again, now I have to go back and read the REST of the story....
  9. SRA


    Jul 29, 2005
    Orem, Utah
    Good read, thank you.
  10. patrickh


    May 4, 2005
    Thousand Oaks
    Thanks for sharing the item - very interesting and did nothing good to cure my present state of nikon acquisition syndrome. Looks like a real winner, and for me the MF lens compatibility is a big winner.
  11. jjdesanto1


    May 1, 2005
    Warwick, N.Y.
    John DeSanto
    Thanks for the post, Scott

    It was most informative.
  12. I know how you feel...especially when i'm wearing bulky clothes that might nudge the dial. Recently i've ended up in one of the vari-program modes:eek:  since M is the last one on the dial before them, and since only 2 of my 4 nikkors and 0 of my 5 other lenses have CPUs, M is my friend.

    There is no ambient WB sensor like on the D2 series. That's one of the minor advantages of the D2s.
    However, I think we'll find an excellent WB system here, easy to tweak if necessary, and with 4 stored preset WBs, it'll be easy to take care of that way.
    I do wish it had one though. I suppose it was just space constraints and cost constraints that made it most difficult, and the need to distinguish the D200 from the D2Hs/D2X that kept it out of the 200.

    Right now i'm starting to feel foolish though. I have enough family members that each of us could have separately preordered an X-Box 360 super duper kit, and I could have kept one, and sold the rest on ebay for $2500 each the day it came out. I saw some kits going for even more. Split the profits with each family member for the rest, and instant second D200 body (for some slight mods) and perhaps even third for IR/UV and goodbye D70...
    I could literally have sold enough of them for so much money that even splitting 50/50, I would have had enough for 1-2 spare D200s (if 1 then a d2HS too), bunches of extra batteries, grips, DK21Ms, remote controls, a GPS, put some aside for the WT-3, a 300/2.8 AF-S, 28-70 AF-S and probably a sigma 10-20 and 30/1.4, plus some more MF glass and an F2AS and F3T.
    I missed the boat...could have pocketed a cool $12 grand right there....oh well at least I got to play my brother in law's 360 :frown: A trifle considering I could have had enough D200s to uber simplify the school's band/dance portraits that we do, and enough glass to have to find a new bed when i'm showing off my collection.
  13. It's from another site. I really love this shot.

  14. Great find.....

    Oooo man....

    D1x for sale.... no really... FS

    Can the built in flash be turned off completely ...
    and use natural light or SB-800? only
  15. OH MY GOD... Now that rig will definetly get peoples attention when you pull it out in public. That looks like something from the X files.
  16. I guess that is getting flashed...
    it must be like a small soft box

    my DDS used something like that... 10 years ago
  17. Built-in flash only comes up when you press the release button- you can set it to act as the I-TTL commander flash and set if you want it to contribute to the exposure or not. I believe there is a device for the hotshoe that blocks any residual effects (my d70 commander mode will affect exposure with macro)
    In that case however he's using the R1C1 closeup kit plus an extra SB-R200. So he's just using the SU-800 commander to fire the R200s.
    4 can fit on it while on camera, or 8 off camera..
  18. That is one cool "flash photo". I saw another where the camera was pointed straight down over a model's head, what nice even lighting that was. YAWFNTGMM....... (Yet Another Way for Nikon to Get My Money) :wink: I wonder if that rig will fit on the end of my 500mm??????? Hacksaw and some Velcro maybe?
  19. probably not- it comes with attachments from 77mm to 52mm I think, and I expect the 500 is much larger :) 
    However, you could get a bunch of the snake clamp type things and attach the AS-20 (I think that's the number) stand with tripod/stand screw hole attachment that the R200s use to them.
    Unfortunately even if it did have the right size, the SX-1 ring can only handle 4 R200s when mounted on camera. The picture with the model holding it was 8, which is the max.
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