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  1. Hamel


    Jan 16, 2007
    Boston, MA
    Well I decided to head over to the all familiar lake for one last walk before I return back to Pennsylvania for the summer. Brought along a friend this time and we decided to veer away from the lake and follow some old road/trail. The first thing we stumbled upon was a pet cemetery in the middle of the rocks/woods. Really nice to get to use my new 50mm 1.8
    After looking around for a bit we decided to keep heading down the trail. It eventually ended, but we got the bright idea to start climbing the rocks. Last one to the top is a rotten tomato!
    After a bit more of walking and climbing looking for another trail, the sun went behind a mountain and we went on our own ways until we meet again tomorrow morning.
    View attachment 93555
    After getting misplaced and slightly confused we eventually found our way down to a path that eventually turned into this:
    View attachment 93556
    Hmm, a road of some sort. We followed the new found road and it led to more like it in between the rocks. After a bit we hit pavement? Huh? All there is are rocks, trees, and a retirement center?
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    We wondered around and came to the conclusion that all those previous paths were for a development they are building. It is the size of a small town, I swear. Hey look, a house under construction..
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    Lets peek inside... what a rock? Inside the house?
    View attachment 93559
    They built the house around a huge boulder and it has two patios that are secluded by the rocks. Beautiful. This house will cost a fortune when it is done! At that point it was getting pretty dark and we decided to turn around.
    Hope you enjoyed following along on our walk tonight. It is amazing what you can find in the places you would least expect it.

    - Justin Hamel
  2. Flyfishdk


    Nov 1, 2006
    very interesting. like the area. very buatifull.....nice house
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