Internal Battery? Failure?

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  1. Due to some health issues, my D2X has been sitting in the gun safe for a year now without being used. When it went into the safe, it had a charged factory battery in it which I pulled out a few months later. Now that I am ready to go again, I put in a fresh battery and I find that the camera has lost all information I had ever entered - like a 2-button reset but worse. I lost the frame counter, the time/date, all custom settings, etc. It seems to work just fine now, but I'll have to spend a few hours going back through all the menus again.:frown:

    What went wrong here? Should I have left the battery in the camera. Isn't there an internal battery, or did I just run it dead? And ideas?
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    No, it was a good thing to take out the battery for storage (page iv-v) Do you see a 'clock icon' on the top LCD? (page 19 of the manual), you may need to check if this battery is corroded or something.

    - Jay
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