Critique Introducing Alfred, the New Resident GBH in the Neighborhood

I feel a little shy about posting bird photos in this place where there are so many phenomenal images shared here, but I'm just so psyched about having had the opportunity a couple of times to shoot the resident GBH in my neighborhood, our small lake..... The first time I saw him standing in the water this past Sunday I was out on the boardwalk with the 90mm macro lens, and although I did get a few shots, they weren't all that good in a technical sense. 90mm just doesn't cut the mustard when shooting a bird all the way across the lake!

I have the Sony 200-600mm, which as some members here know, I have fondly nicknamed "The Bazooka," but the problem is that it is just a bit too heavy and awkward for me to tote around on casual walks around the neighborhood and unless I could shoot from my deck I was losing out on some great opportunities. The day I saw the GBH standing there in the water and I had the 90mm macro on the camera and I knew I couldn't haul the Bazooka down to the boardwalk and try to handhold the thing I knew it was time to take action and do what I'd been thinking about for rather a while but which had been interrupted by COVID-19, the stay-at-home orders and all the rest of that. On Monday I went to the local camera shop and bought a Sony 100-400mm and that has immediately already become my walk-around lens, as it is lighter in weight, more compact and less awkward to handle, and another gem of a lens. I also now have a Wimberley WH 200 II which I still need to put together and install on one of my tripods, and that will work for both the Bazooka and the few times I might want to put the 100-400 (whom I have nicknamed Septimus, as he is my seventh lens) on it as well. (Yeah, I know I'm weird with this thing about naming some of my lenses!)

Today I was able to get together again with Alfred, this time at a closer distance than previously, having walked around to the other side of the lake once he'd made himself comfortable and didn't seem disturbed by movements of other people or me. Lighting conditions were on-and-off, between clouds one minute, sunshine the next. Thank goodness for Auto ISO!

Enough of my gabbing, you want to see photos......

So Here's Alfred:

Looking Ahead to a New Hunting Ground.jpeg
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Ready for Lunch, Now Where are the Fish?.jpeg
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Darn It! My Lunch Got Away.jpeg
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