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iPhone took a swim...

Discussion in 'Apple/Mac' started by vinman, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. so I guess I won't be waiting for the hypothetical 32gb red one later this year :Teeth:

    At least it wasn't my camera!

    I was actually impressed initially. I was in the bathroom getting ready for bed, I reached into my pocket to get something and the phone came out with it. I heard it hit the toilet seat, bounce no less than twice, and bloop. I literally grabbed it before it hit bottom (yes the toilet was clean!), but it had already popped up the sign - THIS DEVICE NOT COMPATIBLE WITH iPHONE. I guess I should have installed the toilet app :rolleyes: 

    So here is the one major gripe I've had, and suggested this would be the downfall of many an iPhone - when they get wet, you can't get the battery out!

    I immediately shook out the water, took out the SIM card, and turned on the hairdryer. There wasn't a lot of water in it, so I ran the dryer for about ten minutes, making sure to blow into all the openings thoroughly. The one concern was that the screen would flash on occasionally. When it seemed like there was no way to get it any dryer, I turned it on. That's when I got the bad news...

    The bottom half of the touch screen is unresponsive. I shut down the power, put it on the night stand, and tried again this morning. Same thing. It comes on, everthing on the top half works, and the home button works, but nothing on the lower half of the screen. Looks like another drowning victim. Going to check in a little while to see if my local ATT store is open on Sunday.

    Luckily, my trusty old Treo 600 makes a faithful and steadfast backup. It's charging now. Too bad Palm couldn't follow up the 600 with anything CLOSE to the reliability of that one! I tried two subsequent models before going to WM devices then to the iPhone...

    One note of interest. I went so far as to attempt disassembling the phone. I DO NOT recommend this to anyone outside Apple's repair dept!! Even if you DO manage to get the back off without breaking anything, getting it back together is next to impossible!!! Seriously. I'm pretty good at this stuff, and, um, no. No good. First, the camera fell out. It's not wired in; it just "plugs" into the mobo. Not securely. That was easy to fix, though. The second item that fell out is still unidentified. It appears to be a spacer/cushion of sorts, so at this point seems moot. It didn't make it back into the reassembly stage :tongue:

    Ok, so now I have TWO iPhones to buy this month - my replacement, and the one I've been promising my wife :redface: I seriously can't afford myself any longer! :840:
  2. Sorry to hear your bad luck. I washed a Motorola Razr in my pants pocket a couple of years ago - same result. :frown:
  3. AGGGH!!!!! I am so sorry to hear this! Yep, sounds like your iPhone is definitely a goner..... I've always heard that when you get an electronic device such as a cell phone, camera or whatever, wet, to NOT turn it on for a few days and until you're sure that it is totally, completely dry, inside and out.

    That's a darned shame!

    I always carry my iPhone in my left pocket when I'm wearing pants or shorts and I don't put anything else, not even tissues, in there with it. So far I've been lucky.....
  4. nu2scene


    Sep 27, 2007
    Las Vegas
    I've heard not to turn it on for days also. Another thing I've heard is to put the device in a bowl of rice and let it dry out that way.
  5. pirahnah3


    Feb 22, 2008
    ^^^makes a good sugestion i might still give it a try before you declare yours dead, might be salvageable still. You can always buy another and then jsut give that one to your wife if yours turns out good, if not then you can just get another at least it might spread the costs out.
  6. Taking the battery out is always the best first step.

    The issue with this particular dunking was it kept turning itself on - not being able to remove the battery insured that NOT turning it on wasn't an option.


    At this point, after having several phones and a laptop experiencing baths, this is the first device that has been killed. Yes, a laptop. It's my old Dell Inspiron 8200. Spilled coffee ALL over it while my Cingular 8125 was syncing, yanked that batteries out of both, took them to the kitchen sink, and washed them thoroughly with the sprayer. Left them outside in the sun to dry for a few hours, and both survived without a single hiccup.

    Not so lucky with the iPhone. Pretty sure it's a goner.
  7. Any news on your drowned iPhone? Did it resuscitate after a few days of drying out? I had a drowned CF card once (took a few hours swim in the swimming pool while on vacation). It took a couple of days to completely dry out, but I am still using it four years later and it is error free.
  8. Rats, that did not last you very long :frown:
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