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iPhoto and CS3

Discussion in 'Apple/Mac' started by OHcorgis, Jul 29, 2007.

  1. I have been downloading my pictures into iPhoto and editing them in Photoshop(CS3) now. As long as I was shooting jpeg, I would just hit Save in Photoshop and the edited picture would show up in my iPhoto application, and in "modified" in iPhoto library.

    Since I got Photoshop CS3, I have been shooting a lot more RAW. RAW images, saved TIFFS, don't seem to get saved to iPhoto application, just the Pictures/iPhoto Library folder. And I am noticing that edited pictures don't automatically go into modified, but stay in the originals file.

    I am also noticing that even jpegs do not automatically get saved to the iPhoto application. They too open up the Save To window for Pictures/iPhoto Library. All this since CS3 - which I love BTW.

    So only the original files downloaded from my CF card are in iPhoto. I feel that something is wrong here. I should be able to have my edited files show up in my iPhoto application without re-importing them.

    I tried a trial of Aperture, but my DT graphics card and processor can't handle the application. But that is not the point. What has happened that iPhoto has become essentially useless to view my photos:Teeth:
  2. The way this works with JPEGs, when you indicate from iPhoto you want to edit in an external editor, a new copy of the image is created, if necessary, in the modified directory of the library.

    That file is then opened in Photoshop (etc.). When you save that, you are simply saving that same file, created when you first went to edit it.

    With RAWs, if you have the "Use RAW when using external editor" preference turned off, the same thing applies, but a JPEG is decoded from the RAW for you and that is passed to Photoshop.

    If you have that preference turned off and are decoding RAWs in Photoshop instead, it doesn't work.

    It is a one way relationship in that iPhoto will provide a file that you can then edit. If the file is created from Photoshop (eg a new TIFF), there is currently no provision for iPhoto to know about that file.

    This is actually something we want to fix. I'll try to put some effort into that. The basic idea would be that you would somehow indicate what is going on when you save the file in Photoshop.
  3. Thank you! I did not have "Use External Editor for Raw Files" checked. Perhaps that will help. I just would like the edited photos to show up in my iPhoto display.

    I did have BridgeCS3 checked as external editor and was told to put it back to PhotoshopCS3 on the Apple Discussion Boards. If I use Bridge, I can import the entire roll of film rather than just editing four pics from iPhoto. Can I set Bridge as the external editor without causing problems in saving?

    Thanks again, hopefully iPhoto wil be improved with Leopard.:Wink:
  4. You may be able to save the edited images to a folder and then import them into iPhoto.
  5. I have done exactly that. I made a folder in Pictures. I put edited photos that I may want to print/share at some point in there. However, re-importing them into iPhoto would mean I would have "rolls" with just one picture.

    I really like iPhoto. It is great for some of the websites I design that have event pictures pages. iPhoto will make your web pages for you with all your photos; resized and ready for web. So easy compared to the old days of inserting a lot of pictures in code.
  6. I use Aperture most of the time so I can not give you any valid advice. I would imagine that since iPhoto will handle thousands of photos that if there is a limit on 'rolls' it is probably insanely high? Add some metadata so you can search?
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