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  1. I am just beginning to work with IPTC data in Photo Manager 4.5 and have discovering how much time it takes to populate the various fields, specifically keywords. Can someone point me in the direction of a public (read free) source for keywords so that I may more quickly and accurately populate the field?
    Many thanks

  2. Brooks,


    On the right side of the page, John has some iptc files for country codes and a few others. I use these in mediapro and they save a bunch of time.

  3. Walter


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    Walter Rowe
    For a fee, you can download a very exhaustive "controlled vocabulary" produced by a David Riecks. He has downloadable keyword catalogs for several leading image cataloging tools. The following links take you to the pages on his ControlledVocabulary.com web site where you can purchase his databases in various formats based on the product you use.
    These look like worthwhile investments.
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