IRDC Race at Pacific Raceways (5/19/07)

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by RonS, May 23, 2007.

  1. A few pictures from the IRDC (International Race Drivers Club) race at Pacific Raceways, Kent WA. May 19 and 20, 2007.

    More pictures are here.


    The Miata's sort of made their own lane exiting turn 8.

    Including some off-road work.

    Careful, three abreast wont work for long.



    Thanks for looking
  2. JLeano

    JLeano Guest

    great pics, and nice framing..
    where these panning shots?
  3. Hyper-Performance


    Apr 11, 2007
    SW Ohio, USA
    Great shots!

    How about a little background on what you used (lens/speeds/camera/technique,etc.) to make these great captures. I feel I can learn something here!

  4. Thanks, yes I did pan.
  5. Thanks. OK, here goes.

    Camera D2x. Most bodies can do this.

    Lens, Nikon 80-400 VR. Most lenses can do this.

    VR off

    1/100 to 1/125 second

    Shutter priority to hold the speed

    AF-C, and I use the AF-ON button to to enable focus tracking. That way I just release the button if I need to take a shot with the focus locked.

    ISO set so the aperature was above F8. That lens needs to be pampered a bit so I never use VR while panning, and try to keep it above F 7.1.

    Area metering, and I try to remember to dial in +.3 EV when white cars pass by. And usually forget to reset it back.

    Lots and lots of shots. Nothing beats practice for panning.

    The EXIF info is in the shots if you have the Opanda plugin.

    Hope this helps.

    Did I mention practice, practice, practice.
  6. Sweet shots Ron! I've got to head down with you one day.

    I really like #1.
  7. Thanks Peter.

    They are teasing us with another track being planned for PR. It may be a cart track, hard to tell at this point. The sign shows a road course and an oval.
  8. bozola


    Feb 28, 2006
    Seattle WA
    Come on Peter... you KNOW you want to take your Audi out there!

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